How to Architect API Security for Zero Trust

How to Architect API Security for Zero Trust

Zero Trust requires all access to resources to be fully authenticated and authorized based on device state and user credentials. Recent breaches have shown that many aren’t prepared to apply these principles to their API infrastructures. Unfortunately, even those that get these right are still vulnerable to advanced cyberattacks.


Most recent API data breaches involve hackers with valid credentials who reverse engineer APIs to gain access to other accounts and steal data.


Architecting API security for Zero Trust requires a defense in depth approach to protect your most sensitive data from breach.


Join Ping’s Field CTOs, Baber Amin and Francois Lascelles to learn about:

  • What Zero Trust means

  • Why Zero Trust architectures are replacing corporate perimeters

  • How to architect API security for Zero Trust

  • The visibility needed to ensure your APIs aren’t under attack

  • New AI based solutions for API attack detection and blocking

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