Control access with Federated Access Management—an industry first!

  • Authenticate users leveraging mobile devices, passcodes, hard tokens and biometrics. 
  • Enable secure single sign-on to any application from anywhere on any device. 
  • Authorize access to only the web, mobile and API resources users need.


Centralize identity governance with Federated Identity Management.

  • Empower partners to manage their own identities.
  • Integrate easily with identity providers like Google and Active Directory.
  • Synchronize provisioning of users across all applications.

Imagine being the world’s largest data center provider with 2,500 employees who all have access to a mushrooming number of business applications. Equinix, Inc. knows this all too well, and this password-management nightmare was causing a serious strain on workforce productivity. But after implementing secure single sign-on across the organization with PingFederate, application visibility and productivity have skyrocketed to the tune of 60,000 successful Oracle sign-ons monthly.




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Need an on-premises federated identity management solution? Want the convenience of a cloud-based single sign-on platform? What about using mobile strong auth to introduce your business to a world without passwords? Whatever your organization needs, we're here for you.