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Deliver Superior Experience and Security

Every financial services company is also a technology company, where a secure and seamless customer experience is mission critical. Industry-wide adoption of APIs and microservices has spawned new entrants that provide rich, personalized financial technology insights and offerings.

Established firms must modernize critical legacy on-premises and homegrown infrastructure, often in a hybrid environment. For enterprises already innovating—via APIs, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more—a holistic approach is needed to comply with industry standards, government regulations, and security best practices. The Ping Intelligent Identity™ platform helps you meet data and security regulations while delivering the experiences your customers expect, all deployed however you need.

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Crush Technical Debt with Modern IAM

The modernization journey is about more than just cloud. If your enterprise has layers of legacy, homegrown applications spread across various business units, you know change is difficult. The reality is that these applications continue to support critical business functions. Shutting them down is not an option.


We’ve helped financial services organizations with complex, hybrid IT environments succeed for over a decade. Our enterprise-proven IAM can help you modernize and coexist with legacy SSO, WAM, MFA, directories and more. Our commitment and thought leadership in identity standards allows you to extend centralized IAM services to all your business units while reducing vendor lock in.

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Take the Lead in API Innovation

Technology-driven financial services firms are treating APIs as first-class products to expand their customer base, leverage improved data insights and launch integrated offerings. However, APIs must be secured and protect customer data privacy.

The Ping Intelligent Identity™ platform delivers a full suite of customer IAM capabilities that accelerate your API journey. Your customers will get the seamless omnichannel experiences they expect with single-sign-on, multi-factor authentication and unified customer profiles. And they’ll get the security they deserve with resource and data access controls and API cybersecurity.

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Go Beyond Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with regional and country-specific regulations can be challenging, but organizations that adapt quickly have an advantage. Financial institutions must have a strategy to provide access and store data securely while also enabling customers with privacy controls.


Our platform is built on open standards that help you comply with regulations and initiatives like GDPR, Open Banking, PSD2, KYC and more. Our IAM enables you to enforce strong authentication, govern consent, store customer data securely and provide secure access to applications and services.

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Reduce the Risk of Breach

It takes a powerful IAM solution to protect your organization from hacking attempts and unauthorized access. Ping solutions are used by 12 of the 12 largest U.S. banks by assets to protect identity and profile data, secure access to applications and APIs, and/or provide adaptive multi-factor authentication capabilities. As a trusted partner, we can help roadmap and fulfill to the security requirements of any financial organization.

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Improve Customer Experiences

Customers have come to expect the same level of engaging experiences from their financial institutions that they get from their favorite retailers and tech providers. Those who rise to the challenge of providing seamless, personalized experiences will win. To attract new customers and earn the loyalty of current ones, our platform can give you a competitive edge by enabling:


  • Easy, one-click access to all of your digital properties

  • Unified identity and profile data, privacy consent and preferences across channels

  • Personalized experiences for deeper customer engagement

  • Always-on apps and services

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TIAA Invests in Secure Engagement and Productivity

With privacy concerns, security risks and fraud on the rise, managing financial transactions in the digital age is never easy. But Rob Davis, Director of Security Services at TIAA, is leveraging modern identity and access management capabilities to help clients do more, not hold them back. TIAA’s digital transformation initiatives are gaining momentum, and they've seen significant improvements to customer experiences across their web and mobile environments.


Watch this video to hear Rob talk about pushing the boundaries of security.

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