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Medical costs, price transparency and consumer choice are on the rise. Population health management and value-based care initiatives are accelerating growth in M&A, joint ventures and partnerships. These trends have changed the way healthcare and pharmaceutical provider and payer offerings are delivered and consumed—not to mention, increased security risks amid ever-changing regulatory constraints.


The Ping Intelligent Identity™ Platform helps hundreds of healthcare payers, providers and life sciences organizations keep up with healthcare trends with a secure, solid identity and access management (IAM) foundation.


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Improving patient and member experiences starts with offering patients and members intuitive, personalized options during registration. Next, a single login should grant access all web, mobile, cloud-hosted and third-party apps and APIs.  All of these resources should synchronize key data to a unified health profile where patients and members can view, share access with health proxies, and centrally manage communications preferences. Finally, providing options to enable multi-factor authentication can keep privacy and security concerns at bay.


The Ping Intelligent Identity™ Platform helps you stay competitive in the healthcare industry by delivering high-quality experiences without putting patient and member data at risk.


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support integrated delivery

The healthcare industry is seeing unprecedented levels of mergers, acquisitions and partnerships within and across payers, providers and pharmaceuticals. To make your strategies successful, you need to provide rapid access to new acquisitions and partnerships with solutions built on open standards with flexible deployment options. You also need to ensure seamless coexistence of identity and access management systems during rationalization to maintain productivity and ensure uptime to critical healthcare applications  


The Ping Intelligent Identity™ Platform can help accelerate time to value while keeping security and user productivity at the forefront.


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vaccinate against breaches and non-compliance

New lines of business, M&A and partnerships mean new ways to improve health experiences and outcomes. Unfortunately, it also expands the attack surface for hackers seeking valuable health data and increases the compliance burden for your security team with multiple third parties requiring access to PHI & PII. To ensure data is secure and accessed in a compliant fashion you need to encrypt data at rest and in transit while centrally managing access control for all applications and APIs. Additionally, access should be dependent on contextual factors such as the device, network, and browser used to to access sensitive data


The Ping Intelligent Identity™ Platform can help you balance security with user experience while complying with regional and industry regulations like HIPAA and PCI-DSS.


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gsk finds the right prescription for mfa

GSK’s two in-house products were good at what they were designed to do for their different user bases. But IAM Solutions Architect Brian Lewis said that neither one met the full set of identity requirements. Ping Identity provided GSK with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) solutions that were easy to manage, easy to maintain and built on open standards.

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