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deliver secure, seamless shopping experiences

Retail is extremely competitive, and personalized cross-channel experiences can be the difference between earning customer loyalty or losing them. You also have to protect your customer data to prevent brand-damaging breaches. But balancing security and convenience with a solution that thrives in complex IT environments isn’t easy.


Our platform enables you to drive loyalty and growth, protect customer data, support digital business transformation and optimize your workforce and supply chain. Our identity services can be deployed in on-premises, cloud or hybrid IT environments, so you can meet the needs of multiple business units and customer populations, and support future growth and innovation.

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The bar for retail customer experiences is higher than ever. Today’s retailer has to blur the lines between digital and physical worlds. Your customers count on personalized experiences that consistently enforce their preferences across channels. They expect simple registration and authentication, and they won’t tolerate lags or outages, especially during peak usage situations like Black Friday.


The Ping Identity Platform can help you deliver engaging customer experiences with:

  • Single sign-on (SSO) to all internal and partner applications.

  • A unified view of customer preferences and profile data.

  • Always-on, always-available retail platforms and services.

  • Personalized online shopping experiences across channels.

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how it solves it


Your employees and supply chain are your foundation, so maximizing their efficiency is critical to your enterprise. With Ping, you can secure and manage access to the resources your employees and partners need, and do away with inefficient sign-on processes that decrease their productivity. Stop spending time managing partner identities instead of managing partner relationships.


Our platform enables access to all on-premises, private cloud and SaaS applications with a single set of credentials. It also allows partners of all sizes to manage their own identities. Retailers can leverage features that balance security and convenience like adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), and feel confident that their sensitive identity data is secure.

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The digital landscape is evolving rapidly for retailers. As customers engage through new channels and new technology—and IoT adoption increases—the way people shop is changing. You must embrace this new digital landscape to win customers over with innovative and engaging experiences. And your success depends on quickly bringing these new apps and technologies to market—because your competitors and your customers won’t wait.


Our open, standards-based identity platform allows new technologies and channels to securely leverage identity data and services. It supports app-specific, structured and unstructured data, and you can securely store IoT device identity data at scale. And we simplify the management of identity data and services in hybrid IT environments.

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how it solves it


Trust is vital to customer loyalty. Breaches that betray that trust can be disastrous. They can cause customers to flock to competitors, result in large fines and create lasting brand damage. Your IT team is on the hook to evaluate security from sign-on to data encryption and everything in between. There are no shortcuts when your customer’s trust and data are on the line.


Our platform is battle-tested for customer identity. Our MFA capabilities can turn your mobile app into a secure and convenient second factor. Stored data is encrypted in every state and you can enforce consent to comply with regulations like GDPR. And our security capabilities meet stringent standards from the most demanding global retailers. We protect your customer identity data so you can earn their trust.

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The second largest retailer in the U.S. sought to deliver exceptional guest experiences to more than 98 million registered users across multiple engagement channels. Using the Ping Identity Platform, the retailer was able to overcome the scale limitations of their existing identity infrastructure, provide convenient SSO, create and expose a unified customer profile to their applications and allow their customers to self-manage privacy and preferences.

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