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Manufacturers deal with a different set of challenges than other industries. You must enable access to a globally distributed ecosystem of employees, partners and suppliers to accelerate production timelines. You also need to ensure that each connection is secure and doesn’t create vulnerabilities where bad actors can penetrate your systems and steal your valuable intellectual property. To top it off, this needs to be done in a highly competitive environment where keeping costs low is paramount. The Ping Identity Platform is engineered to solve the unique challenges that manufacturers face.

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connect your supply chain, simply

Your supply chain is highly distributed, with employees, partners and suppliers spread across the globe—HQ in one country and manufacturing facilities in another. It’s difficult to secure and manage access to resources across it all.

If employees and partners can’t easily access the applications and resources they need to do their jobs, productivity goes down. And during M&A activities, realizing the value from these business decisions can be delayed by challenges connecting new organization resources. The Ping Identity Platform helps you simplify complexity and centrally manage access and single sign-on (SSO) for your employees, partners and suppliers, making your distributed supply chain feel a whole lot less...distributed.

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Your intellectual property is one of your most valuable assets. Unfortunately, this means your IP is a prime target for bad actors. Attacks could come from within or outside your enterprise by hackers, disgruntled employees or competitors. According to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Report, 73% of manufacturing breaches began at the identity level. The traditional perimeter-based security model just doesn’t work today. Our modern, identity-centered security model is purpose-built for today’s challenges, keeping your most valuable information secure with:


Adaptive multi-factor

authentication (MFA).


Centralized access

security policies.


Decreased reliance on

passwords with SSO.

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Manufacturers are under constant competitive pressure to reduce costs, even on IT infrastructure. Inefficiencies and performance issues with IAM systems can have a cascading negative impact down the road, which make them important foundational issues to address. Don’t tolerate legacy IT systems that are brittle to change, have high operating costs and lower your productivity—or may be losing vendor support.


Centralizing and simplifying IAM can reduce your overall IT complexity and costs. We helped a global aerospace manufacturer lower TCO by reducing operational costs and their hardware footprint while simultaneously improving both security and scalability. Our platform can help you:


  • Reduce your IT resource footprint.

  • Improve availability and performance.

  • Prepare for the future with support for modern apps, standards, mobile & cloud.

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When it comes to the cloud, some industries may want to quickly migrate much of their on-premises footprint. But manufacturers producing physical goods will always have one foot in the cloud and one foot on-premises. As IoT adoption and consumer demand for smarter products and devices continues to increase and create opportunities for new business models, these challenges will grow in complexity.


Our IAM services can be deployed on-premises, or as multi-tenant IDaaS, single-tenant private cloud or managed services—or even a hybrid IT combination that’s best for you. This helps you meet future needs while offering consistent management tools and training, all with a single IAM vendor solution.

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