The traditional security model assumes that putting your company's important assets inside the firewall is enough to shield them from outside threats. However, because cloud and mobile are now ubiquitous in today's enterprises, the concept of inside and outside has become considerably blurred. With employees accessing sensitive data from insecure networks and mobile devices, the new security paradigm must protect users and data regardless of their location or device.

Security that specifically targets endpoints, cloud, networks and email is not equipped to cope with the array of devices, systems and workflows that even the most progressive enterprises wouldn't have dreamed of a few years ago. Identity is emerging as a silver bullet for CIOs looking to keep their corporate data safe and increase employee productivity. By focusing on authenticating user identity versus protecting the endpoint, companies can enable this secure access to any application and from any device, anywhere.

This infographic shows how this climate of sophisticated threats and outdated security models will turn a $6 billion identity management industry into a $47B market opportunity and why Next Gen Identity is the centerpiece of security for a connected enterprise.

2014-1206-Ping-Identity Security-Final.lh.sp-01 (2).png


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