identity-driven security

Protect your enterprise without sacrificing the user experience

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the obstacle


As companies transform all facets of their business, security is their top concern. This isn’t a surprise. The modern enterprise is under attack and the old perimeter-based approach to security just doesn’t work anymore. Credentials continue to be the top cause of security breach, so companies need to move beyond passwords. They need a single access control layer for all on-premises and cloud applications, and they need a way to govern and protect employee and customer data. The digital enterprise needs a modern identity and access management (IAM) platform.

the solution

our formula for identity-driven security

  • Multi-factor Authentication

    Move beyond passwords and give your organization an added layer of security in a cloud and mobile world.


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  • Single Sign-on

    Provide a single authentication authority that gives all users secure, one-click access to all applications across the enterprise using one set of corporate credentials.


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  • Access Security

    Provide standards-based access control that dynamically adapts to users, devices and applications and includes centralized policy management for all web and mobile apps and APIs.


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  • Directory

    Consolidate your employee and customer identity data in an encrypted data store with fine grained, attribute level access control that streamlines compliance with corporate, regional and industry regulations.

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  • Intelligent API Security

    Leverage advanced API-security using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate API discovery, detect and block threats, and provide deep traffic visibility and reporting.

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the solution

don't just lock the front door

Stolen and weak credentials are still the top risk of breach in the enterprise. When the front door of your business is easily unlocked with a single password, hackers don’t need to be sophisticated. To strengthen authentication of your employees, partners and customers, SSO eliminates all but one set of corporate credentials, and MFA adds an extra layer of security by using contextual data like network, device and location along with a user swipe or fingerprint on their registered device. Combine SSO and MFA, and hackers can’t even use a stolen password to get in—even through the back door.

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the solution

secure access to everything

Request access, grant/deny access and enforce policy diagram


Most enterprises have a hodge-podge of access management solutions, each added in a different era for a specific set of applications or APIs. But this costly mix doesn’t keep the modern enterprise secure. A modern access management solution centralizes access control to all web and mobile apps and APIs, whether they’re hosted on-premises or in the cloud. The digital enterprise needs access security that dynamically adapts to users, devices and applications.

Manage your data access
the solution

give the right people the
right level of data access

Your employee and customer identity data is one of the most valuable assets you have. It’s also the target of most hackers on the planet. To secure it at every stage, you need a fully encrypted data store designed on high performance and scale. You also need governance capabilities that ensure the right people have the right level of access based on corporate policy and user preference.

the proof



This global financial institution needed to reduce costs by modernizing their legacy identity and access management (IAM) solution. At the same time, they needed to ensure single sign-on support for modern applications and to serve their growing number of customers using a wider variety of devices. And they had to support regulatory compliance in all global regions.



Deploying the Ping Identity Platform provided standards-driven integration, extreme scale and performance and consolidation of multiple repositories into a single data store reducing complexity and cost. Fine-grained access controls and centralized governance supports security best practices, reducing risk of breach and ensuring compliance with data-use regulations in all global regions.


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