In today's global economy,
winning enterprises don’t work alone.

Winning value chains start with secure access

Today's leading global enterprises rely on a vast network of partners to create a winning value chain. To keep business humming, your supply, channel, and distribution partners all need instant access to applications and data. However, providing secure access to partners is time-consuming and challenging, so it falls down the priority list. As a result, companies are often stuck struggling with:

  • High cost to manage and reset passwords for thousands of partners.

  • Constant risk of breach without knowing when users leave partner organizations or share accounts.

  • Inefficient processes delay app implementation and partner onboarding.

Partner identity is not a one-size-fits-all solution

Partner Identity Solutions

Traditional identity security solutions aren't well suited to solve the unique challenges of today’s partner ecosystem. Organizations like Cisco and GE have discovered that a successful solution must position partners to be ready for anything in a dynamic and increasingly connected world. The solution must be able to:

  • Give partners secure, one-click access to all the applications and data they need.
  • Enable partners to easily manage their own identities, reducing liability and risk of breach.
  • Adapt to ever-changing market conditions with quick connections and secure APIs.
  • Rapidly onboard thousands of partners, each with different needs.

Secure and streamline your partner ecosystem with Ping

You'll find our partner solutions at the heart of the world's largest supply chains, sales channels and franchise networks. At Ping, we’re dedicated to providing the flexibility and scalability needed to secure and streamline any partner ecosystem. And it starts with a comprehensive set of key capabilities that make our partner solutions tick:

  • Single sign-on to give all of your partners secure, one-click access to all the internal and third-party apps they need.

  • Directory services that allow partners of any size to use our cloud directory or connect to their directory.

  • Multi-factor authentication for added security that leverages your partners’ mobile devices.

secure partner ecosystem

Choosing Ping is easy

With the most comprehensive partner identity solution on the market, we can give your organization a distinct edge with the freedom to:

  • Work seamlessly with all your partners across the value chain without increased risk.

  • Connect everything and let partners easily manage their own identities.

  • Onboard partners in minutes and automate their addition of users, apps and APIs.

  • Be ready for anything with advanced capabilities that extend your existing investments.