Keep your identity data and
digital business in sync

Unify identity and profile data

Enterprises use PingDataSync to migrate and consolidate identity data across multiple data sources to create comprehensive, unified customer profiles. Data can be synced across distributed environments both on-premises and in the cloud. PingDataSync helps you:

  • Create a unified profile from multiple disparate data sources like CRM, MDM, data warehouses and LDAP.
  • Keep passwords, credentials and profiles up to date in real time with bi-directional synchronizations.
  • Migrate identity data with zero downtime.

Migrate applications easily with zero downtime

When replacing legacy identity data stores with a modern directory solution, you need to gracefully migrate applications without any service interruptions—all with identity data secure and intact. PingDataSync enables zero-downtime migrations with bi-directional sync to legacy directories as a temporary safety net while migrating. With PingDataSync, you can:

  • Migrate applications at your own pace while backup legacy data stores remain synced until they’re ready to be decommissioned.
  • Rollback if necessary.
  • Avoid large data migrations that are subject to errors, outages or performance issues.

Sync over time without losing performance or reliability

If you want to maintain data synchronization services over time, PingDataSync can bi-directionally synchronize massive volumes of data in milliseconds. It also provides redundancy and failover for mission-critical and high-performance deployments. PingDataSync allows you to:

  • Perform real-time or scheduled data synchronization across diverse data sources.
  • Support multiple connection methods and protocols.
  • Preserve data security and protect PII while syncing.

Put the most comprehensive data management capabilities to work

Whether using PingDataSync for one-time migrations or ongoing bi-directional synchronizations, you’ll have capabilities at your disposal to ensure that your identity schemas are mapped and stored correctly in their new directory. PingDataSync’s data management capabilities include:

  • Translation and mapping of data attributes.

  • Virtual views of distributed identity data.

  • Support for diverse data sources, connection methods and protocols.