Turn identity into
identifiable opportunity.

PingID is a contextual, multi-factor authentication solution that enables secure sign-on for all of your applications and services. Multiple authentication technologies are supported, including a mobile app for iOS and Android, email, SMS and voice one-time passwords and hard token support with YubiKeys. PingID lets you:

  • Define and enforce authentication policies tailored to your needs.
  • Protect all of your applications, including VPNs and SSH.
  • Easily integrate with your existing environment.

PingFederate is our flagship software-based federation server that delivers comprehensive identity management by integrating with your existing infrastructure. It enables secure access to any application using any device through:

  • Seamless integration with everything.
  • Self-service deployment in minutes.
  • Support for every modern identity standard.

PingOne is an identity-as-a-service solution that delivers secure SSO for all of your users. With one username, one password and zero headaches, you get:

  • One-click access to SaaS and internal applications.
  • Fast and easy integration with your existing identity stores.
  • Self-service configuration and provisioning.
  • An optional user directory to manage all of your users.


PingAccess securely enables both web and API access at very large scale. PingAccess empowers IT to centralize identity and enforce policies quickly and reliably and provides:

  • A lightweight, highly-available architecture.
  • Integration with existing systems and protocols.
  • Future-proofing through identity standards instead of proprietary agents.