Turn identity into
identifiable opportunity.

PingID™ is a multi-factor authentication solution that enables secure sign-on to all of your applications. Working with PingOne® and PingFederate®, as well as VPN servers, PingID:  

  • Defines and enforces authentication policies tailored to your needs.
  • Is delivered via an easy-to-use mobile application.
  • Secures your applications without passwords.

PingFederate® delivers a comprehensive identity management solution that leverages your existing identity infrastructure. It enables secure access to any application using any device through:

  • Seamless integration with everything.
  • Self-service deployment in minutes.
  • Protection of billions of user identities.

PingOne® is an Identity as a Service solution that delivers secure SSO to all of your users. With one username, one password and zero headaches, you get:

  • One-click access to SaaS, custom web and legacy applications.
  • Fast and easy integration with your existing identity stores.
  • An integrated user directory to manage all of your users.

Mobile, web and API access management. PingAccess.

PingAccess® securely enables both web and API access at a very large scale. Using a single administration console, PingAccess empowers IT to centralize identity and enforce policies quickly and reliably.

  • Lightweight, highly-available architecture.
  • Integrates with existing systems and protocols.
  • Avoids costly upgrades through identity standards.