User Self-Service Solutions

self service for users
Give your users convenience and control

let users manage their own accounts

With self-service features that your users are already familiar with, PingFederate provides out-of-the box templates for user registration, and enables users to manage their profiles, reset passwords, and more to sign on to the applications they need in a seamless fashion. These features improve the overall customer experience and puts them in control.


user consent

put users in control of their data

PingDirectory’s user consent capabilities empower users to control privacy over their account data, which provides transparency and assurance that their data is secure. The data privacy capabilities help enterprises foster trust with their users and retain them as valuable customers. Ping Identity’s user consent capabilities also help enterprises address many industry regulations such as GDPR, PSD2, and more.



give users
one-click access
to all apps

PingOne for Enterprise (P14E) includes a highly accessible and convenient application dock that gives users anytime-anywhere access to all the apps they use. The PingOne for Enterprise dock is a convenient starting point for users to launch all the applications in your portfolio in one-click, with one set of credentials.


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device management

choose your preferred authentication method and device

PingID offers users a wide variety of methods for performing multi-factor authentication (MFA) across their devices. With PingID, we empower users to register and decide which device and method to use as their default MFA option, and manage all of their authentication devices.

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