Simple, Fast IDaaS

Simple, Fast IDaaS

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Your Resources Can't Keep up with Attacks

You’re tasked with defending against an increasing number of cyberattacks, but the volume and frequency of those attacks is increasing faster than your budget or your headcount. To make the most positive impact with your limited resources, you’ve decided that securing your enterprise’s identities is the best course of action. But in the process, you need to ensure that users are up and running quickly without negatively impacting their daily routines. If that’s not challenging enough, your IT resources are strained, so you need a new solution that even your generalists can learn as rapidly as possible.


Overcome Persistent Password Problems

Nobody likes passwords. But at some point, fatigue from managing too many passwords leads to bigger problems like forgotten passwords and the IT support to reset them, password reuse, weak passwords, writing down passwords and other behaviors that lead to serious security vulnerabilities. Your SaaS application portfolio continues to grow, and in some cases, the resources are sensitive enough that passwords alone aren’t enough to protect them. We can help you get past that.

The solution

IDaaS That's Just the Right Size

Protect against security vulnerabilities with our simple and fast Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution. You can reduce your IT support costs and improve user productivity with single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for common use cases, including rapid integration with Active Directory. Your workforce can quickly have one-click access to the SaaS apps they use daily without being forced to create new passwords. And for sensitive applications and resources, MFA can give you extra assurance through your users’ mobile devices using the convenient biometrics like FaceID and fingerprint they’re already familiar with.

  • Rapid Setup

    Setting up an administrative account is fast, and you’ll have the choice to integrate directly with an existing Active Directory or a variety of other methods depending on your use case. You’ll speed through implementation with an app catalog full of pre-built SaaS integrations and wizards for rapidly setting up secure, standards-based SSO for custom apps. And our market-leading MFA capabilities are built right into the same administrative console, so there’s only one solution to learn and manage.

  • Improve Security, Save Resources

    Compromised credentials are a huge vulnerability for enterprises. SSO and MFA work better together to reduce password sprawl and prevent bad actors from gaining access to your organization’s applications and resources. To significantly improve your organization’s overall security at minimum out-of-pocket costs, you can add SSO using your existing Active Directory deployments and MFA using your user’s existing mobile devices.

  • Grow Easily

    Simple, fast IDaaS is built to be just that. But rest assured that when future business initiatives or regulations mandate a more comprehensive solution, we’re here for you. With an enterprise-proven track record and solutions deployed in over 50% of the Fortune 100, Ping is capable of overcoming the toughest identity-related challenges in the most complex enterprises.

the solution

Better Together

With a bundled SSO and MFA solution, your IT team only needs to learn one new tool that provides centralized administration. Users benefit from a cloud-based dock that provides one-click access to all their SaaS apps. MFA adds a layer of protection to the dock, and policy can be further configured based on app, group or a variety of other contextual factors as desired. Plus, self-registration capabilities help new users get set up and secure more quickly and easily.

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