Extra protection in the palm of your hand

You need more than just a username and password to authenticate your users. You need to know where they are, what network they’re coming from and what applications they’re accessing. Our platform allows you to enable multi-factor authentication, and mix and match with other authentication methods to meet your policies so you can:

  • Provide step-up authentication for specific resources and contexts.
  • Create group and role-specific rules and authentication chains for sensitive data access.
  • Collect identity attributes from multiple sources like external identity repositories.

Delivered as a cloud service, PingID® is a multi-factor authentication solution that's an integral part of our platform. It enables users to authenticate to applications via a swipe on their phone, a tap on their Apple Watch or with one-time passcodes delivered by voice or SMS or using a YubiKey. PingID is easy to use for both end users and IT administrators, allowing corporations to implement:

  • Strong authentication to legacy and cloud applications using a mobile app.
  • Support for VPN servers using the RADIUS protocol.
  • Offline support using one-time passcodes.
  • Hard-token support with YubiKey.
  • Supports biometric authentication on Apple and Samsung devices.

Ping Identity delivers secure, flexible multi-factor authentication that easily integrates with dozens of third-party, two-factor and strong authentication providers. You can connect to systems like RSA SecureID, Symantec VIP, Safenet, Google Authenticator and many more. You get the security you need without the added expense of replacement software or custom development. Visit our software downloads to see our integrations.