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MFA Made Easy

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Rapidly Improve Security, not Your Workload

In a world where passwords alone aren’t enough, it may seem challenging to make sure your users are who they say they are. Accomplishing that rapidly and easily may seem even more difficult. But as the number of identity-based threats skyrockets, it’s more and more important. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) addresses this security gap and provides a crucial extra level of authentication to protect user accounts when businesses need it the most. But is there such a thing as an MFA solution that’s fast to implement, simple and convenient for users to adopt, fits within your IT budget and can easily grow with your company’s changing security needs? There is now.

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We Make MFA Easy

To accelerate MFA implementation and address the challenge of balancing security and convenience, our solution simplifies adoption of MFA for many common use cases. With PingID, our cloud-based MFA solution, organizations can quickly deploy MFA to increase their users’ security, all with limited resources.

  • Deploy Rapidly

    You can implement strong authentication in a matter of minutes. No more time spent setting up a local, on-premises MFA footprint or issuing hard tokens. With PingID, you can quickly add strong authentication while maintaining a streamlined user experience.

  • Improve Security, Save Resources

    With a web-based administrative user interface and self-service device management capabilities, PingID reduces your administrative efforts and increases your enterprise security. Our self-service options enable your users to conveniently enroll in MFA, pair a new device, manage their authentication methods and more, all saving you time while boosting security.

  • Grow Easily

    With PingID, you never have to worry about how to support additional users or extend functionality to new areas of your business. Our cloud-based MFA solution allows you to easily create new policies to enforce MFA only when and where needed. You can also add new authentication methods with little effort.

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Fast and Simple MFA

PingID is a cloud-based MFA solution that can quickly and easily add an extra layer of protection for many common enterprise needs. It can help you protect workforce apps accessed via web SSO, and it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure AD, AD FS and Windows Login. You can even embed advanced MFA functionality directly into your own mobile app with the PingID SDK.

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Our Formula for MFA Made Easy

  • Web SSO

    When combined with our cloud-based SSO solution, PingOne, PingID enables enterprises to provide secure SSO to SaaS and cloud apps in minutes. The combined MFA and SSO solution helps enterprises quickly reduce password sprawl, increase security and easily improve their user experience.

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  • Microsoft Integration

    From AD to Azure AD to AD FS, you can easily leverage your existing Microsoft integrations to provide MFA to your SaaS and cloud-based apps. Whether you’re migrating or deploying applications to the Microsoft Azure Cloud or are looking for a full-featured MFA solution, PingID integrates directly with Microsoft Azure Conditional Access to secure applications and allows users to choose from a wide variety of authentication methods.

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  • Windows Login

    To increase security everywhere, enterprises are implementing MFA on user devices like Windows desktops and laptops, as well as servers running Microsoft operating systems. PingID can easily be included as a second factor for Windows Login to ensure user credentials haven’t been compromised.

  • APIs

    PingID includes authentication and user management APIs, making it easy for administrators to configure their applications to provide users with one-time passcodes (OTPs) via SMS or email. Enabling applications to send OTPs to users reduces helpdesk calls and saves administrative resources.

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  • SDK

    Quickly and easily integrate MFA into your consumer-facing mobile app with the PingID SDK. With multi-language support and customizable branding, enterprises can optimize the balance of user experience and security. The PingID SDK also supports the most secure authentication factors like swipe, tap and biometrics like TouchID and FaceID.

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