PSD2 & Open Banking

PSD2 & Open Banking

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PSD2 and the Open Banking Movement

Opening financial APIs to third-party providers is top of mind for most major banks across Europe. Mandates and standardization initiatives continue to arrive on the scene, such as the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), UK Open Banking, STET and The Berlin Group. In our eBook, you’ll learn more about the challenges ahead and IAM capabilities needed to succeed on your open banking journey.


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Chris Michael, Head of Technology at UK Open Banking Ltd., reflects on other markets adopting FAPI standards and the future of digital identity for banks.

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Secure Your Open API Ecosystem

As the open banking ecosystem grows, financial services institutions are going to have to adopt technology that allows them to expose and protect multiple APIs to ensure they’re not left behind. To remain competitive and be able to quickly adapt and embrace new business opportunities, our solution brief can show you how enterprises need a digital banking strategy with identity and access management (IAM) at its core.


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Be an API Leader in Open Banking

The Ping Intelligent Identity Platform is a comprehensive IAM solution. Built on open standards, it helps you not only meet PSD2 and open banking requirements, including secure access to accounts (XS2A), strong customer authentication (SCA) and consent management. It also helps you provide seamless user experiences and gain a distinct competitive advantage.

For enterprises working to get financial APIs in place quickly, Ping Identity helps navigate the financial technology partner landscape to leverage pre-built financial API layersplatforms, and managed services deployed within a security framework powered by Ping Identity.

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IAM: The Key to Open Banking

Our platform is used by hundreds of financial services enterprises, including large retail banks, challenger banks and emerging fintech organizations, as well as Open Banking Ltd. itself. Our advanced integration capabilities provide a solid foundation for a highly secure API framework.


    For secure XS2A, combine our market-leading federation solution (PingFederate) and our API access security solutions (PingAccess and PingIntelligence for APIs). This provides standards-based, intelligent support for an OAuth 2.0-based API security model, including OpenID Connect (OIDC) and financial API specifications.


    PingID, our contextual multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution, provides a foundation for supporting the SCA requirements mandated by PSD2. PingID enables compliance with the dynamic linking requirement of PSD2 through support for payment MFA notifications that specify the payee and amount, so customers know exactly what they’re paying for.


    Each time a customer requests access to their account data via a third-party provider (TPP), the account holding institution must check the request against data consent policies and log an auditable consent record. This is supported by our highly scalable identity datastore (PingDirectory) and our customer-centric data access and consent management product (PingDataGovernance).

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Quickstart Private Sandbox for Open Banking & PSD2

At Ping, we’ve automated the production of a fully working test environment for PSD2 and Open Banking conformance on your own virtual machine—not just a hosted one. We’ve built an automated script to help banks accelerate the deployment of an environment that conforms with the Open Banking Security Profile, and to quickly demonstrate the Ping Intelligent Identity Platform capabilities in the cloud or on-premises—your choice.


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Build a Library for Your

Open Banking Solution Architecture

See how our leading IAM solution can enable your organization to meet PSD2 and open banking requirements while opening new doors to opportunity for your business.


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Open Banking Runs on Ping


Open Banking, Ltd. needed to establish a trusted whitelist to ensure that UK banks and third parties meet certification standards for seamless interoperability and know at all times who can access what APIs. They considered building the register in-house, but needed to go live by January 2018.



They chose to build the Open Banking Directory on the Ping technology stack, and were able to deploy successfully within the limited time frame. “Many of the banks in the UK and indeed globally are using Ping as a core IAM vendor. It’s quite interesting that Ping plays a role in both the security model at banks but also in the trust framework that we’ve developed internally at Open Banking.”


-Chris Michael, Head of Technology, Open Banking

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