4 - Increase Productivity with Cloud-delivered,

Adaptive MFA

Multi-factor authentication isn’t new, but modern solutions have removed the tradeoff between security and user experience. A modern MFA solution combines secure, out-of-band authentication factors with intuitive, user-friendly processes. This allows you to enhance security for a wide range of use cases, without disrupting your workforce.


Convenient authentication methods such as fingerprint and push notifications, combined with self service password resets, drastically reduce helpdesk loads. Authentication policies for accessing from certain geolocation and trusted networks are easy to set up and apply to both groups of users and groups of applications. Adaptive, intelligent policies can include device posture, IP reputation risk and “impossible travel” detection between sign-ins. Delivered as a cloud-based service, a modern MFA solution requires far fewer resources to manage than traditional solutions.


Cloud-delivered, adaptive MFA works like this:


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