Over the last few decades, your identity and access management (IAM) systems have served your company well. However, the assumptions built into many of these legacy technologies might no longer be true for your company.


Top Five Legacy IAM Assumptions:


  1. Employees only work on-premises.

  2. Employees only use corporate devices.

  3. Employees access applications, no one else.

  4. Applications are hosted only on-premises.

  5. APIs and mobile applications are niche.

If you’re among the many whose enterprise has outgrown these outdated assumptions, you have two choices. You can try to adapt your legacy system or you can invest in new technology designed for today’s requirements. While the first option is possible, it won’t be successful without a significant investment of time, effort and budget. Enter modern IAM solutions.


Yesterday’s Assumptions ≄Today’s Reality


Whether you’re a veteran IAM professional or brand new to the field, this ultimate guide will make you a quick study on modern solutions for today’s IAM challenges. Use it as your starting point, and be sure to take advantage of the many opportunities to dive deeper available along the way.



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