5 - Boost Performance with a Modern Directory

Modern directory solutions deliver the performance you need to support the rapid growth of users, attributes and applications in your enterprise. Consolidating identity data with a modern solution enhances security by encrypting information in transit, at rest and during backup, while drastically decreasing your total cost of ownership for directories across your enterprise. It also enables a consistent user experience for employees, partners and customers.


Your users benefit from a directory solution built to handle thousands of transactions per second with carrier-grade high availability. Security and compliance needs can be met with the ability to govern access to data and monitor data use with tamper-evident logging. Plus, a modern, simplified infrastructure supports reduced administrative, maintenance and support costs.

With the right solution and approach, you can make a smooth migration to a consolidated user profile. Real-time bi-directional synchronization can provide seamless data migration, and an application proxy can route traffic and transform data for a gradual, granular and low-risk application migration.


Here’s how a modern directory solution works: