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Privacy and Consent Management

Earn customer trust and comply with privacy regulations

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Build Trust and Loyalty

Privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR are just the beginning of a larger trend. Compliance allows you to avoid fines and brand damage, but it also helps build trust with your customers. Our Privacy and Consent Management solution gives your customers control over and insight into their data, helping you build a foundation of privacy that makes complying with any current or future regulatory requirements easy.

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Don't Just Collect Consent. Enforce It

Collecting customer consent is irrelevant if you can’t ensure that it’s being enforced across all of your apps. Our Privacy and Consent Management solution centrally enforces consent, so application teams don’t have to change a single line of code, and data requests only return compliant data.

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Meet Business and IT Privacy Needs

Teams in charge of privacy and risk can be far removed from the technical teams that have to implement their mandates. This can make privacy more difficult to control and audit. Our Privacy and Consent Management solution lets privacy teams centrally craft policies with an easy-to-use UI, so technical teams can easily deploy and enforce the policies across the entire enterprise.

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Consolidate Consent Data

It’s much easier to collect and audit consent if it isn’t spread throughout your enterprise in disparate data silos. With Ping, you can make consent a part of a unified customer profile with a built-in consent schema that gives your enterprise an auditable privacy solution.

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Set the Bar for Safe Data Sharing

Sharing customer data with third-party applications can benefit your customers and give you a competitive edge. But it also creates opportunities for your customer data to be mistreated or breached. Our Privacy and Consent Management solution ensures customers have consented to any data shared with third-party providers, which also complies with strict open banking and open business standards.

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Protect Your
API Environment with AI

Behind every app is an arsenal of APIs that provides access to valuable data like customer attributes, credit card numbers and more. But many enterprises don’t have a solid grasp on which APIs are out there, much less whether they’re being abused—or worse, breached. Our Privacy and Consent Management solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify your APIs, learn how they’re being used, detect abuse and automatically stop attacks.

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Healthcare Company Doses up on Privacy

A major U.S. leader in innovative health insurance products and services had many identity data silos that made it difficult to integrate with external systems.

Ping’s Privacy and Consent Management solution allowed them to benefit from an open standards platform that ensured interoperability with state healthcare exchanges. It consolidated multiple user repositories into a single user store and delivered secure experiences that complied with regional regulations.

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