Web access management that
does more with less


PingAccess® Server

Access management has evolved

The PingAccess® server offers a completely new way to manage access to your web applications and application programming interfaces (APIs). By providing role and attribute-based access control that applies policies based on identity, you can enable access from any client to any application. No other access management solution does this. Based on standards, the PingAccess server secures your environment by letting you:

  • Enforce your policies for both web and mobile applications and APIs.

  • Integrate with existing applications through HTTP header authentication or token mediation.

  • Migrate legacy applications over time, along development cycles.


Modernize your WAM with identity

Recovering from a painful legacy WAM environment upgrade? The PingAccess server can help. Configured as a standalone policy server, access can be controlled through a gateway or lightweight agents for Microsoft IIS, Apache, IBM, and NGiNX web servers and F5 networks to protect web and mobiles applications and APIs. No extensive upgrade needed. These agents give you the flexibility to migrate policies and agents separately alongside development cycles. And combined with the WAM integrations available in the PingFederate server, you can support your current environment while migrating toward an affordable, standards-based identity platform.

Double-duty access management

The PingAccess server doesn't only protect your web, mobile and API resources, it allows you to easily apply policies to all. With a rich rules engine, scriptless policy definition and advanced features like token mediation and session revocation, the PingAccess server is a complete web and API access management solution that lets you enforce policies based on:

  • Identity Attributes (ABAC / RBAC)
  • Authentication Levels
  • Network Ranges
  • Web Session Attributes
  • OAuth Attributes
  • OAuth Scopes
  • Time Ranges
  • Groovy Scripts
  • Custom Services (via SDK)

A standards-based approach

The PingAccess server uses signed or unsigned JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) to maintain session information and OpenID Connect to facilitate user authentication. It can also leverage all of the industry standards available from the PingFederate server including SAML, WS-Federation, WS-Trust and OAuth. With a standards-based approach to access management, you can:

  • Future-proof your environment.

  • Avoid vendor lock-in.

  • Ensure the highest levels of security.

Scalability that's cloud-ready

The PingAccess server handles tens of thousands of transactions per second with advanced clustering and replication. It supports standard operating systems deployed on bare metal, in virtual machines or in the cloud, giving you Internet-scale access management for all of your applications. The PingAccess server provides:

  • A centralized web-based administration console.
  • Proven clustering and high-availability.
  • Request rate limiting by client or user.
  • Load balancing and failover for your back-end applications.
  • Flexible deployment options.