Extend your identities to a connected future

Your employees, customers and partners need simple and secure access to their applications. While many of them are still on-premises, a growing number have moved to the cloud. Even more have native mobile applications for tablets and smartphones that access APIs for data. Ping Identity provides comprehensive federated identity management and flexible single sign-on solutions (SSO) so you can:

  • Manage all identities and enforce policies from any directory.
  • Establish secure one-click access between identity and service providers.
  • Avoid duplicating user directories and eliminate password sprawl.
  • Protect web applications and APIs with identity standards.
  • Provide higher levels of security with multi-factor authentication.

Depend on proven industry standards

White Paper

White Paper

Internet Scale Identity Systems

No one offers more complete support for standards-based single sign-on and identity federation than Ping Identity. We give you the flexibility to create secure connections with all of your partners while ensuring that identity information is properly protected. We support:

Integrate SSO easily with your existing infrastructure

With dozens of integrations and a network of supported applications, Ping Identity helps you leverage your existing identity infrastructure and provides easy enablement for target applications.

  • Integrate with your existing IAM infrastructure.
  • Enable applications in hours or days, not weeks or months.
  • Bridge identity systems to accelerate new customer and partner relationships as well as mergers and acquisitions.

We provide you with solutions that connect identity with applications and APIs. Our modular components and software development kits (SDKs) help you enable single sign-on for your applications quickly and securely.


single sign on solutions

Choose the single sign-on solution that scales with you

With Ping Identity, you have two single sign-on service options to choose from:

  • Basic single sign-on provides users with secure, one-click access to any web application through the PingOne cloud, our identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) solution. Passwords are encrypted locally for your security.
  • Federated single sign-on provides a higher level of security and control. Supported by both the PingOne cloud and the PingFederate server, this allows you to connect to applications using standard protocols such as SAML.