Multi-factor authentication, SSO and
access security: better together

Comprehensive authentication, federation and access security

Federated Access Management is the cornerstone of Identity Defined Security. By combining identity federation, modern web and API access security and multi-factor authentication, organizations can enable secure, cross-domain single sign-on for web and mobile applications regardless of where the user is located or what device they’re using.


Instead of relying on the firewall as the primary security perimeter, our Federated Access Management solution leverages identity management to enable the right people to access the right things, seamlessly and securely.

Federated Access Management

Federated Access Management

Learn about the new era of secure access

Multi-factor authentication: move beyond passwords

The days of securing access to applications with only a password are numbered. Nearly every week we hear about a new data breach, exposing thousands or millions of identities and passwords. The password is simply not enough to secure the sensitive data and applications that your organization relies on.


Our strong authentication product, PingID, enables mobile and token-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) so that you can apply the right level of security for your critical resources. A mobile app for iOS and Android provides a user-friendly, cost-effective solution for MFA, while one-time passcodes via SMS or email are available for users without smartphones. Additionally, integration with Yubikey hard tokens can be used for high security environments or locations with limited data access.

Single sign-on for today and tomorrow

Single sign-on has been around for years, but many solutions require costly, additional components to extend SSO beyond a single domain. Our software and IDaaS identity federation capabilities, provided by the PingFederate server and the PingOne cloud, provide comprehensive single sign-on, enabling access to both SaaS and traditional applications for your employees, partners and customers.


Through the use of identity standards such as SAML, WS-Federation and OpenID Connect, our products provide enterprise-grade security with the highest levels of interoperability while avoiding vendor lock-in. Whether your applications are on-premises or in the cloud, web or mobile, protected by legacy WAM or homegrown code, we have the solution for secure, federated identity management.

Access security: access management, evolved

Modern access security requires a blend of traditional access management approaches, attribute-based access control and federation. It brings the advantages of a remote identity authority and standards-based access security together with a granular set of controls and policies for specific resources, whether those resources are web applications or APIs.


Our access security product, the PingAccess server, offers a policy engine and a policy decision point for both web applications and APIs. With flexible, highly available deployment models and web server agents utilizing an open protocol, you can meet technical and business requirements, ensure compliance with corporate and industry regulations and provide flexibility when migrating your legacy applications. the PingAccess server lets you:

  • Centralize policies and ensure compliance across web applications and APIs.
  • Securely expose internal applications to remote users without a VPN.
  • Utilize existing investments, including legacy WAM solutions.
  • Avoid vendor lock-in with open standards.
  • Scale and grow according to your needs.