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simple, secure access to resources you need

Your employees, customers and partners want seamless access to their mobile, cloud and enterprise applications. But security is an obvious concern. You’re not actually improving security with duplicate accounts, passwords, VPNs and multiple sign-ons. But you sure can frustrate users and decrease their productivity. Single sign-on (SSO) allows users to sign on once using one set of secure corporate credentials, giving them one-click access to all applications from anywhere. It’s time for SSO, and no one offers more flexibility to meet your enterprise’s needs than Ping.

how it solves it


Today’s cloud-based SSO solutions work fine for simple use cases such as employee access to SaaS applications. But they fall short of providing a comprehensive SSO solution for all users to all on-premises, cloud and SaaS applications. Ping helps the digital enterprise meet modern SSO security requirements and user expectations across all their applications, devices and users. This includes our ability to securely SSO from managed mobile devices into legacy on-premises apps, providing a whole new level of workforce productivity.

how it solves it

Deploy quickly. integrate easily.

With almost 100 enterprise integrations and thousands of pre-integrated SaaS applications, we can help you leverage your existing identity infrastructure and make it easy to enable SSO across your entire application portfolio. With Ping, you can easily integrate with existing IAM systems such as Active Directory or Azure AD, or legacy WAM systems from CA, Oracle, IBM or RSA. And you’ll have SSO access to your applications in hours or days, not weeks or months—even including those hard-to-integrate internal applications.

how it solves it

built on open standards

Federation standards have come a long way. They should be the basis for all SSO solutions to ensure a secure, flexible architecture that stands the test of time. At Ping, we offer the most comprehensive support for modern identity standards, from SAML and OpenID Connect for web and mobile SSO, to WS-Federation and WS-Trust for Windows environments. For securing APIs, OAuth is the preferred standard with support for both authentication and scoped authorization.

how it solves it

our idp or yours?

More and more, enterprises are storing their user identities in popular cloud platforms like Azure AD and Google, and they want to authenticate their users on those platforms as well. The Ping Identity Platform is extremely versatile and designed to work with any standards-based identity provider (IdP) and easily accepts SAML or OpenID Connect tokens for SSO into SaaS and internal applications.

the proof

success story

cable company gives customers
superior entertainment 


The company wanted to expand its product offerings and improve personalization to grow its subscriptions. They needed to migrate their identity management services from a third-party provider to an in-house, centralized solution that could support single sign-on (SSO) and social login, as well as new mobile, multi-device TV services.



With the Ping Identity solution in place, customers experienced SSO and social login for fast, seamless authentication. The company can now speed new services to market and provide a personalized customer experience—all while reducing costs. High-volume scalability enables rapid access to shows, movies and live streams on multiple devices for millions of customers.


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