PingCloud Private Tenant

Private cloud identity for the enterprise

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what it does


PingCloud Private Tenant combines two highly sought values in one identity and access management (IAM) solution. You get the benefits of a global authentication authority with highly configurable capabilities, all wrapped in a dedicated cloud environment with data and resource isolation. If your enterprise values additional customization and control, but you also want to automate IAM operations, simplify management and achieve cloud-first objectives at the same time, PingCloud Private Tenant has you covered.

what it does

highly configurable

authentication & directory services

Enterprises need to provide a consistent way for customers, employees and partners to sign on to their diverse applications and resources. But you may need to support multiple standards, different authentication flows and a wide range of identity providers (IdPs), service providers (SPs) and directories.


PingCloud Private Tenant provides a highly configurable global authentication authority and versatile SSO federation hub with practically limitless configuration options. Regardless of where applications, resources, SPs and IdPs reside, you can leverage PingCloud Private Tenant’s extensibility for your diverse user populations and identity types.

what it does

simplify identity and minimize costs

Moving your IAM solution from on-premises data centers to the cloud can save you significant IT operational costs. PingCloud Private Tenant allows you to save without compromising support for challenging enterprise use cases. It provides the convenience of centralized configuration via self-service and concierge support options, and allows you to automate the operation of your IAM solution, so your IT staff can focus on higher value-add activities.

how it does it


PingCloud Private Tenant is secure and extensible, so it reaches every corner of your hybrid IT or multi-cloud environment without needing to install, update and manage separate on-premises proxies and agents. Our investment in enterprise extensibility spans over 15 years, and has resulted in comprehensive standards support and market-leading adaptors, connectors and integration kits that can be leveraged in PingCloud Private Tenant, all delivered as a cloud service.

how it does it


Enable your team to respond more rapidly and easily to global demand for IAM services by reducing geographical deployment complexity and simplifying IAM operations. Configure and deploy a solution that provides the operational scale and performance your organization needs with just a few clicks. PingCloud Private Tenant allows you to create different environments for development, test and production as needed, with regional configuration options to comply with geographic or regulatory constraints.

how it does it


PingCloud Private Tenant allows you to deploy individual tenants for separate and secure data stores, including the ability to manage and delete data as needed. You can even deploy to different regions to support data sovereignty and other regulatory requirements. PingCloud Private Tenant also provides multiple options to secure your private tenant and connect to

on-premises resources.

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