Adaptive Access Security

Adaptive Access Security

Give your workforce secure access to the resources they need

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Secure Resources. Grant Access.

Digital transformation initiatives require enterprises to give their workforce users secure access to assets to get their jobs done. But as enterprises grow and workforces become increasingly remote, new challenges make it difficult to simultaneously protect and authorize access to diverse resources without hurting productivity. To overcome this, you need a comprehensive Adaptive Access Security solution that enforces specific access rights for individual employees and contractors to the right applications, APIs and data—all without adding unnecessary friction.


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Get Past Your WAM Limitations

Legacy web access management (WAM) products have left organizations with outdated software, high maintenance costs and frustrated IT support teams. They weren’t built for today’s business needs like protecting data and APIs, deploying workloads to the cloud and adopting a Zero Trust security strategy. As digital transformation initiatives become a greater priority, organizations need to look for a modern access security solution that makes it simple to migrate from legacy tools and enable greater business agility.

  • Boost Workforce Productivity

    Centralize access security for your workforce users to securely access the applications, APIs and data they need to get the job done.

  • Make Smarter Security Decisions

    Leverage risk scores and artificial intelligence to make better decisions on which workforce users can access which resources.

  • Increase Efficiency & Speed

    Modernize your legacy web access management to reduce costs, drive efficiency and rapidly adopt new technologies required to meet business needs.

Access Security as Adaptive
as Your Workforce

Your employees are part of a mobile workforce that turns any location into an office and personal devices into work devices. Enterprises need to secure valuable resources by ensuring that sensitive applications, APIs and data are protected, without disrupting important work. Our Adaptive Access Security solution increases the productivity of your dynamic workforce by reducing unnecessary friction. It combines a centralized, comprehensive policy engine with fine-grained, dynamic authorization and AI-powered API cybersecurity to grant adaptive, secure access to all of your enterprise’s resources.


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Secure Beyond

the App Layer

Employees need a consistent and secure way to access every resource. But many access security products focus only on protecting applications and not the APIs and data. Enterprises need to adopt a solution that extends security beyond the application to protect APIs and data without compromising productivity. 


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Make Your Access Policies Smarter

Access policies are critical for managing and controlling access rights, but they’re not designed to respond to changing threats or abnormal behavior. Relying solely on policies can leave enterprises exposed and vulnerable in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape. By enhancing policy-based access security with new intelligence capabilities, enterprises can make better decisions to determine when a user needs to perform step-up authentication or is denied access.


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What's Included in the

Adaptive Access Security Solution?

  • Centralized Access Management

    Eliminate risk and improve your security posture by centralizing policy and session management to a single source of truth to ensure consistency throughout your organization.

  • Dynamic Risk Evaluation

    Continuously leverage risk scores to understand the level of risk posed and determine when step-up authentication is needed or access should be denied.

  • Intelligent API Cybersecurity

    Gain visibility into API traffic using artificial intelligence to discover APIs in your environment, learn normal behavior and automatically block potential threats.

  • Fine-grained Authorization

    Protect valuable data by applying access policies to the data attribute level while dynamically authorizing users based on real-time context from multiple sources.

Connect to All Your Resources

Our Adaptive Access Security solution builds off of your existing tools to apply access security to every resource. This solution simplifies how your organization can co-exist with or migrate from legacy WAM systems with tools that automate the migration of policies, and integrations that connect API management tools with our solution. Our Professional Services team and global partner ecosystem can also help get you started quickly.

Go Cloud On

Your Terms

Take control of your cloud-first initiatives by moving to the cloud on the schedule that makes the most sense for your organization. Deploy your enterprise workloads on-premises, in your private cloud, in our cloud or in a public cloud from AWS, Microsoft or Google—or combine deployment options however it meets your enterprise’s needs.


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