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Unified Customer Profile

Build personalized multi-channel experiences that drive revenue

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the opportunity

Take Multi-channel Experiences
Beyond Sign-on

Authentication is just the beginning of the customer journey. You need to have a consistent view of who customers are and what their preferences are, no matter which app or engagement channel they interact with, all while ensuring their data is secure. Our Unified Customer Profile solution drives revenue and loyalty by delivering unprecedented security, extreme scale for peak demand and personalized multi-channel experiences.


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the benefits

Create Unified Experiences

Give your customers a unified brand experience—not a collection of disparate applications. If each app doesn’t have access to the same view of the customer, you can miss revenue-generating cross-sell opportunities, or worse, create disjointed multi-channel experiences. Our Unified Customer Profile solution exposes the same customer profile and preferences to all apps, ensuring consistent and personalized experiences, no matter how customers interact with your brand.

the solution

Handle Peak Demand for Peak Revenue

Peak usage events—such as seasonal demand spikes, major events or new product launches—can send millions of new customers to your digital properties in a very short time period. If they can’t register or sign on, you could be missing out on huge revenue-generating opportunities. Creating a unified customer profile with Ping allows you to manage hundreds of millions of identities and support tens of thousands of authentications per second with headroom to spare. And you won’t leave revenue on the table.

the solution

Unify Profiles Without Starting Over

If you could start from scratch, unifying your customer profiles would be much easier. However, large enterprises don’t have this luxury since diverse customer data silos typically grow and sprawl as customer engagement strategies mature. We don't force you to start over. We help you consolidate unified profiles with bi-directional sync, migration and coexistence. You can start right away with zero downtime as you transition your data silos and application portfolio at your own pace.

the proof

Cable Provider Keeps Pace with Scale


One of the world’s largest cable providers needed a high-performing, secure and cost-efficient unified directory to keep up with business growth and accommodate mergers and acquisitions. 



After leveraging our Unified Customer Profile solution, they were able to create a unified view of their customers, launch new applications faster and improve security, all with reduced TCO. 

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Build Customer Trust

Once your customers have consistent, personalized authentication experiences across all your channels, the next step is often earning trust through self-service features. You can give customers control over their data with our Privacy and Consent Management Solution.


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