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improve identity security. reduce complexity.

Maintaining several instances of legacy identity systems strains budgets. But it can also threaten security. Ping Identity solutions address identity challenges for government agencies and citizen initiatives by providing mission-critical identity and access management (IAM) capabilities across existing applications and APIs, no matter where they’re hosted.


Using the Ping Identity Platform, government agencies, law enforcement organizations, commercial companies and foreign partners can exchange sensitive data without risking identity-related security breaches. Our modern IAM platform can help you create trust across multiple boundaries while maintaining compliance.

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modern iam for a variety of

public sector organizations

  • Overview



    The ease of digital interaction now puts your services and resources at more users’ fingertips. And IAM is the key to making that experience both secure and seamless. Embrace cloud-first initiatives by choosing a public sector identity platform that keeps you in control—giving the right users access to the right digital assets with one click.


    Within many federal agencies, the Ping Identity Platform is already supporting a robust information security and protection program that helps comply with regulations, such as FISMA in the US.


  • Financial



    As if creating and enforcing regulations wasn’t enough, you also have to prioritize the security, management and access control of your own applications and data. Like the nation’s banks, insurance firms, lenders and payment companies that you oversee, financial-grade IAM means adaptive multi-factor authentication, encrypted user credentials and secure one-click access to all your systems for employees and users.


    Many monetary and financial agencies are embracing an agile mindset of ongoing digital transformation and optimization to run as efficiently possible. And you can depend on us to help deliver the seamless experiences your constituents expect.


  • Healthcare



    Healthcare needs and expectations are diversifying rapidly. Government health agencies and providers need to be agile in supporting internal staff and public-private partnerships with instant, yet secure, access to sensitive health data. At the same time, patients and constituents want the flexibility to digitally share health profiles with loved ones and health proxies. Agility means doing all of this, while maintaining a consistent standard of minimum necessary access while encrypting PHI at rest, in transit and during backup.


    Our IAM solutions are secure, flexible and scalable to help you stay nimble with changing patient and constituent needs.


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how it solves it

turn smart cards into smart authentication solutions

More than five million smart cards have been issued to public sector employees since HSPD-12 was signed. With Ping, your smart cards can become total identity solutions, giving users integrated access to all your applications. This enables you to get more from your CAC and PIV card investments while meeting OMB M-11-11 requirements. It also allows you to let any application—on-premises, hosted or cloud—accept PKI smart cards while supporting back-end attribute exchange (BAE).

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how it solves it

meet compliance requirements

with confidence

The Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM) roadmap gives public agencies the direction they need to create trust across all organizational, operational and physical boundaries. Ping helps you to meet FICAM directives both inside your agency and within citizen-facing systems. This helps you serve citizens better by accepting common FICAM identity providers, identity schemes and assurance levels. We also strengthen your ability to deliver GSA/NIST/OMB-approved security and privacy while supporting FICAM, cloud first, NSTIC and OMB M-11-11. With more fluid boundaries than ever, gathering requirements for a flexible yet secure IAM solution can be a mission without end.

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