High-performance directory software deployed on-premises or in the cloud

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Many enterprises store their customer, employee and partner identity data in repositories that haven’t seen innovation in years. This is obviously a security risk, but there are also performance issues, outages and costly hardware footprints to consider. Today’s identity and profile data is diverse and rich, and enterprises need a high-performance directory that can store it securely and expose it to all applications through REST APIs.

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how it solves it


With PingDirectory, you can synchronize your disparate data silos into one secure, high-performance data store. No matter if you perform a one-time data migration or utilize ongoing, real-time, bidirectional data synchronizations, you can create a single source of truth about your customers, partners and employees. All of your applications can access the unified profile through developer-friendly SCIM APIs, or through LDAPv3.

how it solves it


Let your application developers focus on their apps and manage any type of structured or unstructured data they want as an identity attribute. From geolocation to browser fingerprints to JSON objects and other application-specific data. Best of all, database administrators won’t need to perform risky schema migrations to allow application developers to store the identity attributes their apps need.

how it solves it

get serious about data security

PingDirectory has met some of the most demanding security requirements from the world’s largest enterprises. It enforces data encryption at rest, in use and in motion. You can limit data access privileges for admin accounts, store tamper-evident logs, enable active or passive alerts and much more. Enterprises can meet stringent security requirements with ease, and the risk of brand-damaging security breaches is all but gone.

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how it solves it

extreme scale and performance

Support millions of identities and billions of attributes with headroom to spare, even during peak usage times. PingDirectory comes with near-instantaneous and geographic-aware replication. It has efficient data compression that allows all identity data to be cached in memory and accessed instantly. Built-in policies can isolate and limit performance demands, and easy-to-use dashboards let you keep a close eye on your performance and SLAs across your entire enterprise.

the proof

supporting 500 million entries in aws


A leading financial services software company needed to handle massive surges of activity during tax season. In addition, their identity data was distributed across various product lines and identity data silos, and they had no unified view of customers for their applications to access.



After deploying PingDirectory, the company was able to store more than 500 million entries and billions of attributes. They exposed a unified customer view across all of their products and maintained SLAs, all while being able to identify individual users within thousandths of a second and supporting several hundred transactions per second.

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