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Storing employee or partner identities in your own directory can burden your team with additional infrastructure management, and it can cost more than storing those same identities in the cloud. And if some of your users only occasionally sign on, it can add unnecessary and costly user licenses to your existing Microsoft Active Directory. The PingOne Directory is a lightweight, cloud-based directory that simplifies how you store and manage your identities—no hardware or infrastructure management required.

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The PingOne Directory has a flexible attribute schema modeled on the System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) standard. This makes it simple to automate onboarding and offboarding of users, migrate identities to the PingOne Directory and integrate with SCIM-based applications. And with full lifecycle reporting and centralized enforcement of password policies, the PingOne Directory offers a simple way to manage your users.

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Allow users to register themselves and give them instant access to your employee or partner applications. You can choose whether to send registration invites from an administrator, or provide a self-service registration process for your users. This way, you have control over how users are added without being required to do it manually.

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The PingOne Directory makes it easy to manage user access to applications by allowing you to define and assign user groups. You can also set up and manage directory access entitlements, giving certain user groups administrative rights to manage other users in the directory. This kind of delegated responsibility reduces the burden on any single administrator’s shoulders while keeping security in check.