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Balancing Flexibility, Security and Scale

Whether you’re managing customer, employee or partner identities, it’s critical to have a directory solution that’s tailored for identity and profile data. It has to be able to protect sensitive identity data from breach, and flexible enough to store unstructured data and allow all applications to easily access user data when they need it. It also has to be able to store many millions of users. If your directory solution lacks any of these capabilities, you risk apps not being able to leverage your identity data, and you could suffer from brand-damaging security breaches or frustrating and costly outages. Our directory solutions have the perfect balance of flexibility, security and scale.

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A Modern Directory for

Today's Demands

Many enterprises store their customer, employee and partner identity data in repositories that haven’t seen innovation in years. As a result, they can’t keep up with today’s requirements, and they struggle with increasing security risks, performance issues, outages and costly hardware footprints. Today’s identity data needs a high-performance directory that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or both. And it needs to handle Internet scale and flexibility while simultaneously providing a foundation to help enterprises comply with regulations.


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Keep Your Identity and Profile Data Safe

Your user identity data is one of the most valuable resources you have. Unfortunately, it’s also a target for attackers, especially when it’s housed across decentralized data stores with inconsistent security policies. It’s imperative that you keep your user data safe with a directory solution that can bring your data together, protect it from attacks and encrypt it in every state. It’s also important to safeguard against insider attacks by limiting admin access to user records and keep an eye on suspicious activity with active and passive alerts.

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Manage Identities Across Hybrid IT

Large enterprises often have a complex mix of SaaS, cloud and on-premises applications. It’s important that all of those applications have access to a consistent set of identity data, regardless of where they’re deployed. The ability to deploy a directory solution on-premises, in private cloud environments or to leverage a fully hosted directory solution can give you the deployment versatility you need, and it can help you create a unified profile across your hybrid IT environment.

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Deliver a Unified Customer Experience

Customer experience has become a critical competitive advantage. Your customers expect seamless and personalized interactions across channels, always-on accessibility and responsible handling of their personal data. You can deliver on all these expectations with a modern directory solution that can:


  • Synchronize all your data stores for a centralized customer profile that enables personalization and consistency across channels.

  • Encrypt data in every state—at rest, in motion and in use—to help avoid costly data breaches and regulatory issues.

  • Scale to hundreds of millions of customers with billions of attributes, even at peak usage, so your customers never lose access.

  • Store unstructured data as an identity attribute, so your customer profiles can include any information that might be important.


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Keeping Pace With Scale


To keep up with business growth and to accommodate for mergers and acquisitions, one of the world’s largest cable providers needed a powerful, secure, cost-efficient directory that could scale to meet their needs before their existing solution exceeded max capacity.



The company was able to quickly and efficiently implement PingDirectory to provide performance and scalability that kept pace with their rapid growth. They now benefit from a unified view of their customers, faster time to market for new applications through APIs and improved security, all with a reduced hardware footprint and lower TCO.


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