IAM Modernization

Identity-driven Productivity

Modernize your IAM infrastructure without a rip-and-replace approach

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the obstacle

Quit Limiting Your Bandwidth and Budget

Legacy identity and access management (IAM) systems can be a drag on workplace productivity. From longer time to value for new applications and services to the substantial support and maintenance costs of infrastructure requirements, these systems can exhaust IT bandwidth and budgets. Modern IAM solutions integrate with your existing infrastructure to decrease management complexity and hardware costs to provide better user experiences that boost productivity across the enterprise.

the solution

Our Formula for
Identity-driven Productivity

  • multi-factor authentication

    Cloud delivered multi-factor authentication (MFA) defines and enforces policies in context using a diverse range of authentication methods, including mobile phones, to enhance security for any use case.

  • modern directory

    Migrate from legacy directories to provide a central identity store that delivers high performance and low transaction latency for all relying applications.

  • access security

    Consolidate web application and API security with modern access management using an agent or gateway architecture for authorization to applications hosted in any domain.

the solution

Modernize Your Directory

To improve workforce productivity, you need to be ready for the rapid growth of applications, user attributes, devices, data and communications protocols. Also, consolidating identity silos will decrease management complexity and improve application performance. Our directory solution delivers the performance, scale and flexibility needed in today’s enterprise. And our server SDK (LDAP) enables integration with proprietary applications, so we can increase performance and reliability while co-existing with proprietary directories during synchronization or migration.

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the solution

Give the Right Level of Access to Everything

Decrease time to market for new applications and services and minimize management complexity, all while reducing your hardware footprint and boosting productivity. Our flexible and secure access management solution enables centrally managed, cross domain access security for web applications, APIs and single page applications through a diverse range of policies and contextual attributes. Deployed as agents, gateways or both, our solution can co-exist with your existing architecture to support any transition period you’re comfortable with.

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the solution

Step up Your
Authentication Strategy

Give your users a consistent and convenient experience across all applications and resources. Our MFA solution improves security and increases productivity, while lowering costs by reducing infrastructure and hardware token requirements. With a wide variety of devices, applications, and authentication methods, our MFA solution uses contextual attributes like geolocation and trusted networks to enforce step-up security. And to prevent gaps in productivity and security during migration, our solution integrates with dozens of third-party, two-factor and strong authentication providers like RSA SecureID, Symantec VIP, Safenet and Google Authenticator.

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Step up your authentication strategy
the proof

Soaring with

Modern IAM


Plagued by frequent outages, management complexity and expensive maintenance, a leading aerospace manufacturer needed to replace their Oracle directory environment. The aging solution didn’t offer the flexibility and scale required to support mobile applications and cloud-based architecture.



After deploying PingDirectory, legacy directory outages and support concerns became a thing of the past. They now have an easy to manage solution and were able to deprecate a significant amount of hardware to realize a substantially lower total cost of ownership. Additionally, supporting mobile applications and cloud based architecture is now possible at scale with over 100 million entries stored and millisecond response times for relying applications.

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