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Employee information security is increased, in Spain and the field.


System provides easy access to cloud apps via corporate credentials.


The need to maintain new logins for each platform is eliminated.


Open standards offer more freedom than a propietary system would.

Repsol Energizes Employees With One-click Cloud Access



In line with its strategy of leadership in the energy sector and increasing its international footprint, Repsol needed a secure access solution for its corporate cloud application portfolio. This includes applications related to innovation, as well as professional and corporate social networks. This solution also had to increase ease of use for thousands of employees around the world.

Repsol’s goal was to offer all users–both in Spain and in the field–easy and secure access to corporate applications in the cloud using their corporate credentials, so they no longer had to remember different passwords for each platform. The company wanted a tool that ensured the level of security required by a company like Repsol, with its large global workforce and presence, without sacrificing ease of use.



Repsol’s IT department had tried other solutions, but none was able to meet all needs. The main deficiencies were complex architectures, errors and lack of support for federation standards. Without a solution in place, employees had to remember different passwords for external platforms that are accessed only occasionally (sometimes after months of absence) required new credentials to be generated, wasting the user’s time and the support team’s effort. So Repsol decided to start looking for a federation tool, which involved analyzing a number of options that met the requirements of the Kantara Initiative.



The IT department chose PingFederate, a full-featured federation server to provide web single sign-on (SSO) for employees. Among the immediate goals were implementing a tool that didn’t require employees to memorize different passwords, ensuring better usability through SSO, and improving security through centralized management of credentials.

One of the main reasons that Repsol chose PingFederate is that it offers a niche, task-oriented solution with a simple architecture and more integration across a greater number of platforms. It also offers a specific service for the cloud and easier deployment than competitor solutions.

Implementing the tool was a fast process. Within three months, Repsol was able to start integrating the various corporate cloud applications, eliminating the need to distribute credentials to third-party systems and enabling all users to use corporate credentials to access the company’s services in the cloud.



The greatest benefit of acquiring PingFederate licenses was the balance between ease of use and security, which was fundamental in enabling the cloud to provide value to the company. Ping Identity helped simplify the installation and integrate it with Repsol’s existing standard authentication methods, as well as those methods used to access more sensitive information. Thanks to this integration, when employees are connected to the corporate network and sign on to their device using their username and password, they can automatically access the cloud service of their choice.


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