Make the most of your Microsoft investment.

Improve user collaboration with secure access anytime, anywhere, on any device


Ping Identity provides complete single sign-on (SSO) support for Office 365 native apps like Lync and Outlook, as well as secure access for Sharepoint and other web-based applications. Your users gain access to rich tools on their desktops, smartphones and tablets using a single identity without sacrificing security or encouraging risky password behaviors.

Federation and directory synchronization, all in one place

Other vendors prescribe complex and expensive architectures to completely integrate with Office 365. Ping Identity’s solutions provide web SSO, secure token services and user provisioning to Azure AD; all managed via a simple web-based administration console. No other vendor provides a proven, standards-based solution that provides complete support for directory synchronization and secure SSO all in one place. With Ping Identity, you get:

  • Simple setup and configuration.

  • Proven, reliable technology.

  • Flexible deployment models.

  • Stellar customer support.

Ping Identity gives IT organizations the ability to enforce their current policies while still providing easy, secure access to Office 365 and other business critical applications. Advanced authorization rules and out of the box integrations with many commercial-strong authentication systems means that organizations don’t have to change their policies, just their federation solution. Ping Identity lets you:

  • Integrate with Active Directory and other LDAP servers for authentication, SSO and provisioning.

  • Provide strong authentication through standard, configurable adapters.

  • Enable secure access while reducing risk and ensuring compliance through access controls and audits.


Kerberos and Form Authentication

Get Kerberos and HTML Form authentication for all of your applications through tight integration with Active Directory, enabling seamless single sign-on regardless of the platform or device.

Integrate your .NET apps

Drop in libraries provide easy access to advanced authentication rules, adaptive federation and two-factor authentication so your developers can focus on their applications instead of security.

Identity for the Web

A drop-in module for IIS provides secure access to all of your web applications regardless of the identity provider or authentication source.