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Start Your Customer Journey off Right

Customers interact with your brand, products and services through your digital properties. Registration and sign-on are essential starting points to making your customer journey great. If you get them wrong, your customers might abandon their journey early, which is costly and irreparable. Our Customer360 solution's centralized authentication services take the friction out of interacting with your digital properties, so you can get more customers, deliver exceptional experiences and boost your revenue.

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Get More Customers, and Keep Them

It’s not just about customers abandoning registration and sign-on requests. It’s about how many new user interactions—and how much revenue—you’re missing out on because of it. With the Customer360 solution from Ping Identity, you can deliver easy-to-use registration and authentication experiences across all of your digital properties to maximize customer acquisition and retention.

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Make a Great First Impression

Registration is often your first impression on customers. But if it’s inconsistent across channels or difficult to use, you’ll lose them. It’s really that simple. Our Customer360 solution enables seamless registration that’s customized to pixel perfection across all of your digital properties. You can rest assured that you won’t miss this opportunity to earn new customers.

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Make Signing on Simple. Drive Interaction.

On average, 65% of customers claim they’re frustrated by sign-on experiences. How many of your users have trouble signing on? What about changing a password? How many of them give up and abandon you? How much revenue do you miss out on because of it? From passwordless authentication and beyond, our Customer360 solution gives you centralized authentication services that enable consistent sign-on experiences your customers will love, so you can drive interaction and revenue.

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Balance Security and Convenience with MFA

Your customers need authentication to be convenient, but you can’t sacrifice security. Our Customer360 solution includes multi-factor authentication (MFA) capabilities that are tailored to your customers. With Customer360, you can leverage MFA options like SMS, email and many others. You can even allow customers to verify their identity with a fingerprint or face scan from your own mobile app.

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Seamless Registration and
Sign-on to Any App

Your customer-facing apps are often built by different teams using disparate technology. This can make it difficult to build cohesive experiences like sign-on and registration across all of them. Our Customer360 solution is built for large-enterprise app portfolios. It enables consistent, easy-to-use registration and authentication experiences across your entire customer journey, for any app, in any environment. Period.

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What's Included in the Customer360 Solution

  • Cloud-ready SSO and Authentication

    Powerful authentication solution that provides single sign-on (SSO) to any app and can include intelligent risk scoring that measures device reputation, user behavior and other contextual attributes.

  • Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication

    Passwordless authentication and MFA that leverages customer-friendly authentication factors like SMS, email, voice, fingerprint and face scan to securely authenticate customers.

  • Cloud-ready Directory

    A user store that can be deployed in the cloud of your choice with the ability to manage hundreds of millions of users and handle peak usage with ease.

  • Developer-friendly IDaaS

    A full Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution with developer-friendly APIs, documentation, sample apps, Postman collections and more that make it easy for developers to get identity into their applications.

the proof

Restaurant Chain Serves Up Convenience with Digital Customer Identity


A large U.S. restaurant chain wanted to launch a new app to personalize mobile payment and ordering. Ensuring customers had simple and secure access with SSO and social login was a critical piece of the puzzle. Unifying identity data across third-party services and multiple clouds and architecting the app to scale up to 10 million users were also daunting challenges. 



Our Customer360 solution made deploying their new app fast and easy, and ensured consistent sign-on experiences across all apps in all environments. All while adhering to strict security and PCI-compliance standards.

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Keep Experiences

Consistent After Sign-on

Registration and sign-on aren’t the end of the user journey, they’re the beginning. Now that your customers are in your digital front door, it’s time to personalize their experience, earn their loyalty and start driving revenue.

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