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Deliver convenience, personalization and security for seamless customer engagement

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Streamline Your Customer Journey

Don’t let sign-ons, forgotten passwords, scattered user data and other disjointed identity experiences frustrate your customers. Our digital customer identity solutions can grease the wheels of your user journey. They deliver seamless customer experiences from the first interaction with your digital properties to help turn customers into loyal advocates.

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How Customers Benefit from
Frictionless Identity




Acquire and Retain Customers

Give your customers easy-to-use registration, sign-on and more so you can acquire more customers and keep them coming back.


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Drive Revenue
and Loyalty

Deliver personalized, multi-channel experiences that drive revenue wherever customers interact
with your brand.


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Give customers full control over and
insight into their data to adhere
to privacy regulations
and build trust.


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Go to Market Faster

Accelerate your digital business transformation by deploying API-first customer identity in the cloud. Our cloud-delivered customer IAM solution can reduce your total cost of ownership, enable your application teams to launch apps faster, and meet the stringent security and agility needs of your enterprise.



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Be Flexible and Future Proof

Optimizing customer experience and engagement requires change. However, your customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution shouldn't have to. You need a resilient and flexible foundation of customer identity for your current and future digital transformation initiatives. Our enterprise-proven solutions give you flexibility with:


  • Deployment: cloud, private cloud, on-prem or hybrid IT combinations.

  • Directory: store identity and profile data how and where you’d like.

  • Applications and Resources: market-leading extensibility to connect to anything, anywhere.

  • Customization and Configuration: give customers a personalized experience from authentication to privacy management and more.

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Unify Your Digital
Customer Experiences

Unifying customer experiences doesn’t stop at sign-on. With 40% of customers abandoning an enterprise after a single bad experience, having a customer identity solution that facilitates consistent, multi-channel personalization is key to driving revenue and loyalty. Our solutions can help you unify disparate user stores across your enterprise to ensure that all of your digital properties have access to a single view of your customers.


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Balance Security

and Convenience with MFA

Protecting your customers across all their interactions with your organization takes more than usernames and passwords. Our MFA solution can cover a broad range of use cases such as web or mobile authentication, password resets, customer identity verifications by customer service representatives, individual transaction approvals, passwordless authentication and much more.

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Make Passwords a Thing of the Past

Our solutions allow customers to link and manage trusted devices so they can easily authenticate into applications using a face scan, fingerprint and other authentication methods. With our mobile SDK, organizations can use their own branded mobile application to enable passwordless sign-on without having to download or use a third-party MFA application. We can even enable “zero login” so your customers can securely sign on without any credentials at all. No username. No password.

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Protect Customer Data Everywhere

Customer identity data is one of your most valuable assets. We can help you protect it everywhere. Our solutions can encrypt sensitive data in every state, enforce data sharing consent, and secure resources through robust authentication, MFA and authorization. Our ability to protect customer data has allowed us to address demanding security requirements for more than half of the Fortune 100.

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Comply with


Compliance with regulations like GDPR and CCPA doesn’t stop at capturing customer consent. You have to consistently enforce consent choices across a broad range of potential users and applications. Whether data is requested directly from user data stores or through APIs, we can help you ensure that only data that adheres to consent and privacy requirements is returned. 

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Perform at Lightning-fast Pace

Your customers won’t tolerate lags when registering, signing on or accessing their data. We give your customers instant access to your digital resources, even during peak usage. Our solutions have handled hundreds of millions of identities and supported some of the largest product launches, entertainment events and peak customer shopping seasons for the world’s largest enterprises.

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Make Open Business a Reality

The open business movement is sweeping across industries and geographies. Customer accounts and data are newly accessible through secure APIs, which is opening the door to new business models and partner ecosystems. Our customer identity solutions can help open up your APIs securely to give you an open business advantage over your competition.

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Choose the Path That’s

Right for Your Customers

  • Express

    Rapidly embed identity services into customer-facing apps.


    PingOne for Customers >>

    • Easy-to-use, developer friendly APIs

    • Seamless registration, sign-on and multi-factor authentication (MFA)

    • Full suite of self-service features

  • Advanced

    Customizable capabilities in the cloud of your choice. 


    Customer360 >>

    • Centralized authentication services

    • Consistent multi-channel customer experiences 

    • Optimized customer acquisition and retention    


    Unified Customer Profile >>


    Privacy and Consent Management >>

the proof

Retail Giant Drives Customer Engagement


One of the world’s largest retailers had several different versions of customer identity profiles stored in disparate identity silos. Customer experiences were disjointed and customer data varied from application to application.



Ping was able to provide a unified customer view for 98 million identities, delivering consistent customer experiences across seven different applications. The solution enabled social login and a scalable infrastructure that met stringent end-to-end security requirements.

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