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At the intersection of web, mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things, it takes teamwork to provide complete enterprise security while enabling fluid interactions. It means ensuring that trusted employees, partners and customers can access the right data using the right applications on the right devices. This is the heart of the Identity Defined Security Alliance. Here are the members that make it possible:


industry-shaping integrations

The core mission of the Identity Defined Security Alliance is to define industry use cases and certify integrations between its members. These integrations shape the future of the identity security industry. Alongside the alliance’s technical working group, Ping has certified a long list of integrations and use cases. Check out these key integrations:


The best place to meet the members of the Identity Defined Security Alliance and see integration demos firsthand is at Identiverse, the premier annual conference of the identity industry. Formerly called Cloud Identity Summit (CIS), this event has evolved into into something far beyond the cloud. Watch the live demo from CIS 2017, and learn more about Identiverse—and register to join us in Boston in 2018!

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The Identity Defined Security Alliance provides the blueprint, best practices and platform for the industry's most comprehensive enterprise security solutions. Through this alliance, enterprises can address every aspect of identity and access security, including authentication, directory services, enterprise mobility management, cloud and data governance, threat and fraud detection, privileged account management and user and entity behavior analytics. Email us to learn more, or read the white paper to dive deeper.

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