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Simplify Partner Identity Management

Partner identity and access management (IAM) is a complicated undertaking. Various levels of authorization can apply to each partner, and hundreds (if not thousands) of partners can have diverse ranges of IAM capabilities to consider. What’s more, you don’t have the support of HR data that you would for your own workforce. To help you succeed, Ping’s IAM solutions provide the security you need while offloading tasks that are better managed externally by your partners.

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Our Formula for Solving Partner Identity Challenges

  • Single Sign-on

    Single sign-on (SSO) bridges identity systems and helps accelerate partner adoption of applications and resources.

  • Multi-factor Authentication

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) defines and enforces authentication policies tailored to the needs of your partners to balance security and convenience.

  • Access Security

    Access security provides a central point of authorization for partner access to applications and APIs under your control, whether on premises or in the cloud.

  • Cloud Directory

    Cloud directory solutions provide secure, self-service identity management capabilities for partners and can support diverse sets of credentials, profiles and preferences.

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Manage Relationships, Not Partner Identities

Rapidly onboard your partners while leaving identity management to their administrators. Connect to any size or type of partner identity store to grant access to resources using standards-based methods. Read our white paper to dig into the nuts and bolts of federated identity management, and you’ll see how to enable a secure partner ecosystem.


    Stop worrying about the security and lifespan of your partners’ credentials. By providing third-party administrators with a diverse range of authentication factors, you can meet any partner’s needs and prevent costly breaches. With customizable branding your partners can be sure the authentication process is secure and familiar to their employees. Read our white paper to learn about best practices for securing the modern digital enterprise with MFA.

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  • flexible identity management. heavy-duty protection.

    By supplementing your partners’ identity infrastructures with a versatile cloud directory, you can ensure the right level of identity management and security. Your partners can onboard and offboard users and change permissions as needed, and you can decrease risk while improving the security within your partner ecosystem. Read about how Frontstream enables its clients to seamlessly and securely run their charitable campaigns with cloud SSO on their Truist platform.

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    They’re your partners’ employees, so leave identity lifecycle management to them. At the same time, you still authorize access to all apps in your partner ecosystem, and you can provide secure access to your partners using their attributes. To learn how streamlining IAM across your partner value chain can help you overcome the security risks and high costs of managing partner identities, read our solution brief.

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Success Story


VSP lacked an SSO solution that would allow clients to securely and easily sign on to its web portal. In addition, the company required a solution that would lead to greater client satisfaction, longer visits to the site by users and fewer support calls.



PingFederate now provides clients with secure and seamless SSO access at Whether a VSP client group uses a single username and password or a complex authentication scenario, PingFederate offers an array of easy integration kits for all standard identity protocols, and broad capabilities will help VSP add to its portal features in the future.

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Seamless partner onboarding, ecosystem security and increased value chain velocity are all supported by IAM systems. Watch our webinar to learn how IAM supports enterprise partner initiatives.

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