Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Accelerate digital transformation with identities managed how and where you’d like

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Use Identity to Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy

Transitioning to the cloud is an important part of many enterprises’ digital transformation, but some may encounter unanticipated roadblocks. Not every on-premises application has a SaaS substitute, and some on-premises software can’t effectively migrate to a private cloud. As a result, hybrid IT is a reality for almost every large enterprise, where resources are stretched across SaaS, cloud and on-premises data centers. IAM solutions that aren’t designed with hybrid IT in mind can add delays and risks to your cloud strategy as well as increase costs and sacrifice user experience—all due to complicated workarounds to bridge across disparate environments.

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Enterprise Cloud IAM

To accelerate cloud adoption and address the realities of hybrid IT environments, enterprise cloud IAM simplifies the migration of resources across cloud, SaaS and on-premises environments. Enterprises can deploy and manage IAM how and where they want, making adjustments as they need. With our platform, training and management tools, you can get to your desired cloud state faster.


    With one platform purpose-built to support complex hybrid IT use cases, enterprises avoid obstacles when migrating to the cloud, making the journey faster. 


    Our IAM solutions can reduce your on-prem footprint in multiple ways. You can deploy to an IDaaS, private cloud or managed service partners depending on the level of automation, outsourcing and control you need.

  • improve experiences

    With one set of credentials, users can access all their apps with one click in an application dock without being concerned about where applications and resources reside today or might move to in the future.

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Built for Hybrid IT

Enterprise cloud IAM is an identity platform extensible enough to reach every corner of your hybrid IT or multi-cloud infrastructure. From SaaS apps to on-premises enterprise applications, we connect users to the resources they need while allowing IT to architect their enterprise as needed.

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Our Formula for
Digital Transformation

  • Single Sign-on

    Our SSO and authentication authority supports inbound and outbound federation, pre-built connectors and standards to connect all resources across hybrid IT, including legacy and “last mile” enterprise use cases. Versatile deployment options also help you overcome technical and operational hurdles so you can keep costs under control while speeding up time to value.


    Learn more about SSO
  • Multi-factor Authentication

    Accelerate cloud adoption with our cost-effective, cloud-based MFA that supports multiple use cases (web, VPN, SSH, Windows Login and custom transaction approvals). It can handle customer, workforce and partner use cases, and there are offline MFA capabilities for enterprises with the highest availability and uptime needs.


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  • Access Security

    Secure access to your apps and APIs, no matter if they’re on-premises or in the cloud. Centralized policy controls ensure that there’s only one source of truth across hybrid IT infrastructure. And when deployed in Amazon Web Services, benefit from automated cloud deployments, auto scaling and zero-downtime upgrades with retained sessions.


    learn more about authorization
  • Directory

    Choose to store your identity and profile data in a single- or multi-tenant cloud, on-premises or both. Perform synchronization between disparate data sources and unify profile data to speed up data migrations from legacy directory silos with zero downtime.


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  • Intelligent API Security

    Protects your organization from cyberattacks on APIs and provides deep insight into API activity on existing API gateways and APIs implemented directly on app servers such as Node.JS, WebLogic, Tomcat and WebSphere—whether on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

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Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy


For Alaska Airlines’ digital transformation, their strategy was “cloud-first, mobile-only”. Cloud was important to them because they were looking to get out of the data center business so they could focus IT resources on more strategic initiatives. As they began deploying applications in their clouds of choice, there was a need for an access management solution that was versatile enough to scale across disparate infrastructure and also protect APIs.



Alaska Airlines was able to utilize Ping Identity to overcome and reduce friction caused by security blockers that were slowing down their digital transformation. Not only did this help accelerate their cloud journey, but the centralized policy-based controls result in a swifter enterprise.


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