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the obstacle

put "work" back in your workforce

Disjointed login processes, inconsistent security measures and application latency have come to define the workforce user experience. When employees struggle to access applications, the impact is widespread. From daily collaboration to the helpdesk getting swamped with password reset cases, productivity suffers on a global scale. No more. Advances in enterprise identity and access management solutions have redefined security as an enabler for user experience.

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the solution

our formula for solving employee identity challenges

  • Single Sign-on

    Single sign-on (SSO) eliminates the proliferation of insecure passwords among your employees, while enabling seamless access to all on-premises, cloud and SaaS applications.

  • Multi-factor Authentication

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps define and enforce corporate authentication policies that are tailored to diverse security requirements in place for employees, devices and applications.  

  • Access Security

    Access security provides a central point of authorization for employee access to applications and APIs, whether they’re hosted in the corporate datacenter or in public or private clouds.

  • Directory

    Our directory provides a central location to securely store and manage employee data, delivering high performance with low transaction latency for all corporate applications.

the solution

secure access to all applications

Providing seamless and secure access is step one to enable your employees. But doing this for all applications and APIs no matter if they’re hosted on-premises, in the cloud or delivered as a service can permanently boost employee productivity. The use of security to empower seamless access across web, mobile and cloud-based applications will become the norm as enterprises expand across multiple domains and diversify the mix of software models consumed.

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  • enhanced security

    Optimize the balance between security and user experience by stepping up or stepping down security in the context of the transaction or the user. Authentication methods like fingerprint, push notifications and one-time passcodes can fit the needs of different user groups.

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  • faster rollouts

    Decrease time to market for teams of application developers by easing the process to implement security around those applications. A single, central solution with security for web applications and APIs across domains keeps your digital assets secure.

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  • improved stability

    Stop performance and latency issues in their tracks. A scalable directory built on open standards ensures your environment can support periods of explosive application, attribute and data growth.

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the proof

success story


“Every time we added a new company and reorganized, people’s application bookmarks no longer worked,” says Equinix CIO Brian Lillie. “We had too many applications, too many passwords and too many processes that got in the way of employee productivity.”



Using trusted standard protocols (SAML and WS-Federation), PingFederate’s single sign on capabilities let Equinix employees securely reach a wide variety of resources with one click using only their corporate username and password. PingFederate’s support for OAuth and multiple mobile browsers gives Equinix employees mobile access to cloud resources.


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