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the obstacle

managing customer identities requires balance

Driving customer engagement is one of the top digital business initiatives for enterprises all over the world. But engaging customer experiences must also be extremely secure and consistent across all channels and applications. Legacy identity and access management (IAM) systems can’t address customer identity use cases, and marketing-oriented SaaS solutions can’t strike the required balance between security and convenience. To achieve this, analysts agree that you need a purpose-built customer IAM (CIAM) solution. At Ping, our CIAM solution delivers engaging experiences, while never compromising on security.

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the solution


  • Single Sign-on

    Give customers a consistent and secure single sign-on experience with one set of credentials across all digital properties including the convenience of social login.

  • Directory

    Drive personalization with a unified customer profile from a high-performance directory that can manage structured and unstructured data, scale to hundreds of millions of users and support application access through secure REST APIs.

  • Data Governance

    Centralize data-access governance policies and provide fine-grained control over which customer identity attributes can be accessed by internal and external applications.

  • Multi-factor Authentication

    Trigger second authentication factors (such as SMS or biometrics on a mobile device) based on an assessment of contextual or transactional risks. You can also integrate MFA functionality directly into your own customer-facing mobile app.

  • Intelligent API Security

    Centralize access control and leverage AI powered attack protection and deep traffic insight for all of your customer facing APIs.

the solution

let customers in

Give your customers a seamless registration and authentication experience when accessing all your digital properties. The Ping Identity Platform provides advanced registration features, single sign-on, social login, and multi-factor authentication so you can customize the balance of security and customer convenience to meet your digital business requirements.

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the solution

personalize their experiences

By unifying customer identity and profile data in a secure, high-performance directory you can deliver consistent and personalized multi-channel experiences at scale. Store customer profile data including personal preferences, data-sharing consent and other unstructured data that’s useful for personalization, and make it accessible to applications through developer-friendly REST APIs.

the solution

secure and protect customer identities

Customer identity data is one of your most valuable corporate assets and requires end-to-end security from authentication to the data management layer. The Ping Identity Platform encrypts customer data in every state to ensure that it’s protected from breach. Centralized data-sharing consent policies allow you to comply with diverse regulatory constraints including GDPR. Multi-factor authentication and contextual authentication policies, along with access security and other out-of-the-box best practice security features enable the Ping Identity Platform to meet stringent security requirements from some of the world’s most demanding enterprises.

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the solution

integrated solution for ciam

Customer IAM solutions encompass a wide range of capabilities, particularly to meet the needs of global enterprises today. Ping’s integrated solution is designed to meet these demanding needs, and consists of products leveraging open standards that can also be deployed incrementally to address your most critical CIAM needs first. Whether that is providing SSO for seamless authentication across digital properties, creating a unified view of your customers at the data layer, or meeting privacy directives and adhering to regulatory constraints. From there, you can continue to leverage the Ping Identity Platform to add additional capabilities as they’re needed.

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the solution

self-service customer iam

in the cloud

With PingOne for Customers, our self-service IDaaS solution, we’re making it easy for application developers to rapidly and securely embed customer IAM into applications. It allows developers to securely manage customer data in the cloud and supports hybrid IT by integrating with our software solutions. It also exposes easy-to-use REST APIs for embedding registration, authentication, MFA and other CIAM capabilities into applications.

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the proof

retail giant drives customer engagement


One of the world’s largest retailers had several different versions of customer identity profiles stored in disparate identity silos. Customer experiences were disjointed and customer data varied from application to application.



Ping was able to provide a unified customer view for 98 million identities, delivering consistent customer experiences across seven different applications. The solution enabled social login and a scalable infrastructure that met stringent end-to-end security requirements.

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