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    Feb 19 | Modernizing Legacy IAM
    Join us and our partner Arctic Group in Lulea, Sweden to discuss identity and access management modernization.

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    February 18-19 | Gaining a Hacker's Perspective
    You’ll hear from API security experts who will go through best practices on how to monitor, log and report your API activity.

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    Feb 24-28 | RSA Conference 2020
    Be part of a conversation that has the power to change the world.

February 19 - Luleå, Sweden

Modernizing Legacy IAM event with Arctic Group

Join us and our partner Arctic Group to discuss identity and access management modernization and how you can painlessly coexist or migrate off your legacy solutions whilst avoiding disruption and dependency.

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NA - Feb. 18 - 11AM MST | EMEA - Feb. 19 - 2PM GMT | ANZ - Feb. 19 - 11AM AEST

Gaining a Hacker's Perspective of API Vulnerabilities

There are many things we can learn from hackers, but asking them out for coffee isn’t exactly an option. We do know that they are targeting APIs at an increasing rate for the direct access they provide to systems and data. Unfortunately, most API management solutions focus their logging, reporting and analytics capabilities on the performance of APIs. While valuable to business and operations leaders, these don’t provide the details necessary to uncover methods hackers are using to abuse APIs, exfiltrate data and take over accounts.

Join us to learn where your APIs are most vulnerable and the best tools and processes you can put into place to provide increased visibility, enabling you to detect and block threats to your API infrastructures.


February 24-28

RSA Conference 2020

Join top cybersecurity leaders and a dedicated community of peers as we exchange the biggest, boldest ideas that will help propel the industry forward. Get access to expert-led sessions, thought-provoking keynotes, in-depth trainings and tutorials, groundbreaking innovation programs, state-of-the-art product demos and countless networking opportunities.


NA - Mar. 10 - 11AM MST | EMEA - Mar. 11 - 2PM GMT | ANZ - Mar. 18 - 11AM AEST

Identity and Device Security Principles of Zero Trust

Highly sensitive customer data and intellectual property is no longer safe behind the corporate perimeter. Employees and partners need access remotely. They’re using personal devices for work. And the data itself is hosted in the cloud, accessible through SaaS apps and public APIs. To protect their businesses and customers, enterprise security teams must adapt to the new realities of digital business.

Join Ping Identity and MobileIron as they discuss an identity and mobile-centric approach to enabling Zero Trust security.


March 12-13

Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit

Join us at Europe's most important gathering of today's IAM leaders and the epicentre of IAM collaboration.


March 18-19 - Cannes, France

IT & IT Security Meetings

Rejoignez l'équipe Ping Identity lors de l'événement IT & IT Security Meetings les 18 et 19 mars prochain à Cannes pour échanger autour de la gestion des identités et des accès. Notre équipe présentera également une conférence de 45 minutes sur la mise en place du SSO et MFA pour sécuriser l'accès aux applications cloud et on-premises.


March 19 - France

Ping Identity & Orange Cyberdefense

Inscrivez-vous à ce webinar organisé avec notre partenaire français Orange Cyberdefense autour de la mise en oeuvre du SSO et du MFA pour sécuriser l'accès aux applications cloud et on-premises des entreprises modernes. Ce webinar sera accompagné d’une démonstration fonctionnelle montrant le déploiement de PingID notre solution d’authentification multifacteur sur une application SaaS comme Zscaler.