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Cloud identity for workforce SSO 

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Seamless SSO for All Your Apps

PingOne for Enterprise delivers one-click access for any user, to any application, on any device. It’s the simple and fast way to provide single sign-on (SSO) to an unlimited number of applications. Architected for scale, some of our enterprise customers have connected 2,000+ applications to their PingOne for Enterprise accounts. With high availability and performance, it reliably delivers a secure identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) solution for the enterprise.

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No Password Fatigue. Less Enterprise Risk.

Your workforce is asked to remember a plethora of unique passwords for each application used in the course of their personal and business lives. At some point, password fatigue is inevitable, which leads to risky password practices like weak passwords, password reuse and even writing passwords down. With stolen credentials being the #1 cause of confirmed data breaches, you can’t afford poor password hygiene. PingOne for Enterprise simplifies the lives of your users with SSO to all of the apps they need to do business, while drastically improving the security of your enterprise.

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what it does

Secure and Streamlined SSO

  • Rapid Deployment

    With out-of-the-box integrations that support SAML and OpenID connect, combined with an extensive application catalog and an easy-to-use wizard to add SaaS apps, PingOne for Enterprise is fast and easy to set up and use.

  • Customizable Branding

    Customize the PingOne application portal by adding your corporate logo and setting color schemes to ensure that your branding is consistent throughout. You can also include an introductory message for your users to guide them through the setup process.

  • Flexible User Management

    Store your user identities where you want, including the integrated PingOne directory or existing identity stores (Active Directory, Azure AD, Google). Easily give users access to applications when they need them, and offboard them when they’re done with automated deprovisioning.

  • Powerful Reporting

    Complete visibility of all identity transactions with multiple, predefined reports for quick analysis and troubleshooting. Subscribe to audit reports and stream log files to third-party systems for further analysis in one-time pulls or scheduled pushes.

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IDaaS That Supports Hybrid IT

Many cloud SSO solutions connect you to the SaaS apps you need. But that may not be enough. 451 Research recently reported that only 23% of enterprise applications are SaaS based. The reality is that today’s enterprises still have legacy on-premises applications, so they need a solution that can also support their hybrid IT needs. PingOne for Enterprise reduces the pain of transitioning to the cloud by offering a variety of identity bridges.


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Manage Identity with Less

When users have seamless access to the applications they need, overburdened administrators breathe a sigh of relief. PingOne for Enterprise increases business agility and user productivity across the board by quickly and securely connecting users to any application, minimizing password reset calls to the help desk and simplifying provisioning and deprovisioning.

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Add a Side of MFA Made Easy

Native integration with PingID provides intelligent multi-factor authentication (MFA) and allows you to step up security in high-risk environments while streamlining the user experience for users on trusted networks and devices.

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SSO That Can Grow With Your Enterprise

PingOne for Enterprise is a cloud solution that allows you to quickly and easily implement SSO for your users. But when future business initiatives or regulations require you to get a more comprehensive solution or one that supports hybrid IT, we’re here for you. We have an enterprise-proven track record with solutions deployed in over 50% of the Fortune 100, which means we can solve the toughest identity-related challenges in the most complex enterprises. Wherever you are in your IAM journey, we position you to take advantage of our comprehensive, standards-based platform architected to span all deployment models and use cases for wherever enterprise IT goes.

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Truist Gives Clients Secure Cloud Access


Truist needed to ensure that they would sacrifice nothing in terms of security and capabilities when moving from on-premises to cloud-based SSO. The solution had to enable easy access to their applications and adhere to a strong set of security policies, all while eliminating the risks of storing passwords or managing duplicate accounts in the cloud.



All of Truist’s SSO clients were migrated to the cloud solution within months. The number of clients using Ping Identity doubled after implementation, and the cloud-based solution now supports more than 4,000 sign-ons each day. And a 99.9% availability service-level agreement ensures users have access whenever they need it.

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