Modernizing Legacy Directory Servers
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Modernizing Legacy Directory Servers

Legacy systems like Oracle/Sun DSEE can't solve your customer IAM needs


Are you still relying on a legacy directory server like Oracle/Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE)? Then you’re probably missing a lot of modern identity and access management (IAM) features you need to keep up with today’s requirements. Not to mention the bloated and costly hardware footprint and end-of-life support realities.


A modern directory server and identity management platform from Ping Identity can give your enterprise a quantum leap forward in performance, reliability and security while reducing costs and enabling faster time to market for new applications. If you’re ready to modernize your directory server, download this brief to learn about:


  • The long list of today’s necessities your legacy system just can’t handle.

  • The top five requirements for a modern directory server.

  • What to ask when evaluating vendor solutions.

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