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ODSEE vs. PingDirectory

Did you know that PingDirectory and Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition both originated from the same OpenDS codebase? The similarity stops there. For over a decade, Ping has continued investing in enhancements for PingDirectory. Meanwhile, the Premier Support for Oracle DSEE 11g ended in December 2019. PingDirectory builds on ODSEE’s capabilities, bringing together the best of the old and the new. This means there’s no loss of functionality, but it’s a relatively easy learning curve compared to most technology transitions.


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Modernize Your Directory

PingDirectory integrates with legacy and modern applications (LDAP, SCIM, and REST) with out-of-box integrations that reduce the need for in-house customization and accelerate onboarding new apps for digital business initiatives. PingDirectory can handle cross-domain, hybrid environments with an effortless combination of on-premises and cloud-based resources, and it supports virtualized environments and public or private clouds. Its storage efficiency can reduce your directory hardware footprint by up to 80% while simultaneously upgrading your infrastructure for extreme performance, scale, end-to-end security and consolidated user profiles and identity data.


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A Proven Enterprise Migration Path

Not every enterprise is ready to scrap their existing Oracle DSEE investment right away. A popular interim option is coexistence. You can keep your ODSEE investment as a backup for certain business units and applications with parallel synchronization in PingDirectory for as long as needed to seamlessly transition application and resource owners off of ODSEE.


Dozens of enterprises in manufacturing, financial services, public sector, telecommunications, media, education and more have implemented PingDirectory to tackle Oracle DSEE’s shortcomings. Watch this webinar to hear a PingDirectory customer journey in their own words.


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3 Easy Steps

PingDirectory is a valuable component of our modern identity and access management (IAM) platform, and it’s built to support your digital business capabilities now and in the future. Migrating to PingDirectory is simple: installation, data migration and synchronization between Oracle DSEE and PingDirectory with PingDataSync, and then application migration using the PingDirectory proxy. To see how easy it is to migrate to PingDirectory, check out the easy three-step process in our solution brief.


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