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Based on modern, open standards for identity and access management (IAM), the winning combination of PingAccess and PingFederate provides out-of-box integration with legacy, modern and future use cases that fit the changing needs of your enterprise. PingAccess delivers centralized access control capabilities beyond Oracle Access Manager (OAM)’s reach, including cross-domain, multi-cloud environments, APIs and single page apps. PingFederate is an authentication authority that delivers market-leading federated single-sign on, making it easy to migrate off of WAM in one place.

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Your Modernization. Your Way.

Not every enterprise is ready to scrap their existing legacy OAM investments right away. A popular interim option is coexistence. You can keep your OAM investment for legacy systems temporarily (or indefinitely) while using PingAccess to tackle modern access management use cases. With the help of Ping and our implementation partners, organizations can continue using the Oracle e-Business Suite free from dependencies on other Oracle stack components such as Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Internet Directory or Oracle EBS Access Gate.

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Automate Your Policy Migration

It’s common for enterprises to want to shift from OAM to Ping Identity solutions, and migrating granular access policies for each app from OAM to PingAccess is the most complex part. The good news? Because this is so common, we’ve built tools with that automate policy migration to simplify what would otherwise be a per-policy, manual process with the potential for human errors along the way. Keeping policies intact helps reduce the impact of modernization on your business units and functional groups. Read about the PingAccess Policy Migration tool in our solution brief.

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A Proven Migration Path

The migration path from OAM to Ping Identity has happened so many times that we’ve identified the four phases you’ll need to go through: planning, installation/integration, application migration and finalization. To learn more about this proven journey and how we can help you on your way, read our Oracle Access Manager Migration Guide.

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