IAM Pro's Guide: Upgrading to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) | Ping Identity
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The IAM Pro's Guide to Building a Business Case, Part 2

Upgrade On-prem 2FA to Cloud-delivered, Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication


As you extend access beyond the firewall to vendors and an increasingly mobile workforce—and, in doing so, face growing security threats—you know that a username and password just won’t cut it. Legacy strong authentication options often require expensive hardware tokens, not to mention the associated costs and complexity to administer them.


You need a better authentication solution to secure your digital enterprise.


A modern multi-factor authentication solution, centered on identity, can give your users strong authentication to the resources they need—whether on premises, mobile or in the cloud. And allow them to work the way they want and need to by providing frictionless access from anywhere, at any time and on any device.


As an IAM pro, you know the answer lies in identity. You just need to show others that it does, too. Read on to discover how modern MFA can help you secure your enterprise and contribute to the success of your organization’s top initiatives.


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