Zero Trust and Building Identity for an Open Perimeter at Netflix

Netflix is a 100% cloud-first company. The traditional perimeter approach to corporate security did not meet the company’s needs. To prepare for a cloud-first future, Netflix applied principles from the Zero Trust model and centered their strategy on making identity the new security perimeter.


With key identity building blocks like standards based single sign-on, multifactor authentication, adaptive authentication, device health and authorization, they were able to achieve a high level of security assurance without compromising user experience.


Join Tejas Dharamshi, Senior Security Software Engineer at Netflix, Inc. and Baber Amin, CTO-West at Ping Identity to learn:


  • What Zero Trust means and why this architecture is replacing corporate perimeters

  • Common Zero Trust challenges and how to solve then

  • How self-service and simple integration choices can drive SSO enablement

  • How user-behavior analytics during authentication time drive MFA prompting decisions

  • How to start your Zero Trust journey with an identity centric approach

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