technical brief

Securing Identity Boosts Value of Customer Data

Secure and leverage identity data to deliver

innovative experiences


Digital business has created exciting new ways to engage with customers over a growing number of mobile apps, IoT devices and e-commerce channels. The flip side is that cybercriminals have more ways to steal or compromise valuable customer data.

It's no longer enough to secure the perimeter of the data center. Digital business requires more security layers than that. But it also must ensure that data can be used to deliver customer experiences in multi-channel environments.

Security and identity management pros must join forces to implement an identity-centric approach to protecting customer data. This brief discusses how customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions protect customer data while enabling innovative digital business initiatives. We cover:


  • The new identity data management challenges facing security and IAM teams

  • How protecting customer data is different than other security practices

  • The unique requirements of securing customer identities versus workforce identities

  • The key capabilities for data security in digital business

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