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Identity Enables a Secure,

Connected and Agile Enterprise

Organizations compete in a new digital era where user experience is increasingly important, and security can’t be sacrificed. The Ping Intelligent Identity™ Platform enables your organization to leverage a unified digital identity for secure and seamless user experiences across your business initiatives, allowing you to achieve greater business value and agility.


Our comprehensive, standards-based platform allows users and devices to securely access any service, application or API from any device. Designed for hybrid IT environments, it can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or both, and provides centralized control to optimize the balance of security and convenience for all primary use cases.


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Identity Intelligence Improves Security and User Experience

Organizations need strong security. Users want more convenience and ease of use. Our intelligent identity platform allows you to achieve both simultaneously, rather than trading one for another. Ping can give your organization an advanced degree in identity intelligence with a range of capabilities to support passwordless authentication, real-time and risk-aware authorization, and more:


  • Artificial intelligence to analyze and detect anomalous behavior

  • Integration with multiple risk, fraud and threat signals

  • Policies to enforce authentication/authorization business rules

  • Multiple authentication methods to obtain varying levels of assurance

  • Sync, aggregate and secure information from multiple sources

The components of Identity Intelligence: Risk, fraud and threat signals, Geolocation and network, Unified profile, Authentication, Policy, Artificial intelligence, User activity, and Device context.
how it solves it

Manage Identities

How and Where You’d Like

The Ping Intelligent Identity™ Platform is architected for enterprise hybrid IT environments and provides several options to align your identity and access management (IAM) solution with your resources, customization needs and preferred deployment model.

We offer cloud identity, private cloud identity and on-premises software solutions. All of our solutions support applications and resources across hybrid IT environments, providing you with the flexibility to leverage the same platform as your business requirements change. Click below to learn more:



    Our cloud identity or Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions for workforce, partner and customer identities provide a fast, powerful way to address your IAM challenges.

  • Private Cloud

    We provide private cloud identity solutions for organizations that need advanced configurable capabilities or require more control and isolation for their cloud environments.

  • software

    We provide market-leading software you can install in your preferred data center or cloud, giving you the ultimate in customization, configuration and control.

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Start Fast. Grow With Your Needs.

Ping can help you deliver great digital experiences to all your employees, partners and customers. Our versatile platform can quickly solve your most important challenge first. Is it enabling a mobile and distributed workforce with single sign-on to all their applications? Is it giving customers a single-identity customer experience with seamless registration, authentication and consent management? Is it providing self-service identity management capabilities to partners? Or is it implementing a global authentication authority to provide centralized control and real-time, intelligent access to resources across your organization? Our free trial can start you on your path to protecting all your identities, and then you can grow with your needs.

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Extensible and Customizable

No two organizations are exactly the same. That’s why we built our entire solution on open standards for maximum interoperability and extensibility. We provide extensive APIs for integration and customization, and we invest in turnkey integration kits that rapidly connect to all your SaaS, web, mobile and legacy apps.

Demonstrates how Ping Identity provides several different APIs so that you can customize the product to suit all your SaaS, web, mobile and legacy apps.
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Self-service for All

We know that managing identities and customer experiences at enterprise scale is challenging. This is why we offer numerous self-service features to give administrators, developers and users more efficient and positive experiences. Administrators can control product and environment configurations from a top-level IAM admin or a delegated business application admin view in PingCentral, a converged platform operating portal. Developers can quickly embed identity services into their apps, which allows them to get back to developing new features for strategic business value. And we make it easy for users to create new accounts, manage profiles and control their data.

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Global Authentication Authority for Your Enterprise

By leveraging the Ping Intelligent Identity™ Platform as a central authentication authority for all workforce, partner and customer use cases, you can achieve better security and compliance while delivering a superior user experience with single sign-on and intelligent access to all authorized services. Our flexibility, scalability and performance are unmatched, and our platform will allow you to orchestrate a wide range of authentication use cases with policy-based controls that leverage diverse contextual attributes and signals.

Illustrates the Ping Identity Platform as a central authentication authority in order to give your enterprise more flexibility to execute a wide range of authentication.
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Built for Enterprise

At Ping Identity, we focus on the enterprise market, with customers that include many of the largest and most demanding companies in the world. Our mission is to reduce complexity while enabling agility and security at scale. Built for enterprise doesn’t just mean our solutions are flexible and proven. It means that our entire organization is oriented to meet the needs and demands of enterprises.


Why enterprises choose Ping:

  • Proven in scale, performance and security with over 2 billion identities under management
  • Flexible hybrid IT deployment options that accelerate your enterprise’s move to the cloud

  • Open standards support and turnkey integration with existing enterprise infrastructure

  • Single platform to address customer, workforce and partner use cases  

  • World-class network of delivery, integration and hosting partners

the proof

Featured Customer Stories

  • Tech Giant Secures and Streamlines
    Access for Partners and Employees




    Facing the end-of-life stage of their aging legacy IAM solution, this manufacturer needed a modern IAM solution that could connect to multiple employee data stores and give both employees and partners federated SSO to a mix of internal and SaaS applications.



    They turned to the Ping Intelligent Identity™ Platform for standards-based, one-click access from any device. They also added our MFA service for extra security beyond passwords. Now, 40,000 users have instant, secure access to the applications they need, improving worker productivity.


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  • Large Retailer Improves
    Customer Experience and Security




    Facing increasing security risk and an intensely competitive market, this retail giant needed a way to improve security while boosting customer engagement with their brand.



    They selected Ping Identity for all aspects of their customer identity needs, from authentication to directory and data governance. They now successfully manage over 100 million identities with our solution.


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